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I haven’t yet found a nail salon here in Northeast PA that does Minx and I have been dying to try out the new pattern nail designs that all of my girlfriends are sporting. Nail Fraud to the rescue! Not really “fraud” but the brand new nail color solution company that creates nail decals that can add some personality to your beauty routine, and if you are Italian like me, let your hands do the talking.

I received “Wild Thing” leopard nail decals which come in a pack of 20, although mine are white with brown spots (the image on the website shows tan with brown spots). I was excited to try something new, and only had Avon’s Instant Manicure and Incoco’s Applique’s to compare them to.

So are they easy to use and do they last?

Right off the bat what I noticed that was different about Nail Fraud is that there is a clear film both on top of the decals and underneath. While that wasn’t such a big deal when applying them to my first hand, it became tricky when applying them to my second. The decals also seem a bit more “stretchier” than Avon’s or Incoco’s, making any overlap on my skin a bit difficult to get rid of the access (but I managed.) For excess longer than the tip of my nail itself, I simply used the nail file provided to file it off. Once I was done, I snapped the photo that you see…I really liked the look of them.

During the first night while in bed, it felt like the decals were sliding around. I looked and they weren’t, but it was something I kept feeling when I would move my hand under my pillow or blanket. The next day, I did notice a difference in that the decals felt more bonded to my own nails.

Since I make a living on my computer, the tips have a chipped look to the tops of them already on day two. Most likely if you are not typing half as much as I am, yours may last a while longer before having a “lived in” look to them. Since the tips of my nails are white and the majority of the Nail Fraud decals are white also, you can’t really tell from a distance or a glance. In other words, people won’t really notice, although you might.

Despite not really lasting a week and the slight bit of trouble I had when trying to get off the overlapping excess, I actually really like them. They are a more affordable way to show off one of the current nail trends. Plus it sure is a lot of fun with Nail Fraud as a conversation starter…everyone oohs and ahhs.

Have you tried them? What did you think? You can find them at Ulta and for $12.

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3 Responses to Review: Nail Fraud Nail Decals

  1. Jo

    Hello lovely, There is a Minx Nails Service in Sayre, PA which i think is about an hour from you. Not sure if this helps? Here are the details, just scroll down to the Sayre Salon.

    Thanks, jo ; )

  2. Shannon Nelson

    Hi Jo, thanks for the comment–Sayre is a little over 2 hours from me. I’m in the Lake Wallenpaupack area. I have yet to find a local salon here that does them. :(

  3. Haute Mimi Luxury Fashion Blog

    Wow those are soo cute I wonder if they can make me Hello Kitty ones? :p xo Mimi

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