Review: Pattern Body Wash Sage Body Lotion and Wash

Sage Body Wash and Body LotionHave you heard of the natural skin care company Pattern? About 2 years ago I wrote about their Black Pepper Body Wash (no it won’t make you sneeze) and now that they’ve come out with two new scents, Nutmeg and Sage, I wanted to re-introduce this brand to you.

I’ve been using their Sage Body Wash and lotion, which I’d describe as a clean scent. I’m not sure what I expected (I choose not to read the ingredients so that I could decide for myself how the product smelled and felt) considering that Sage is a something I mainly consider a spice for a Sunday dinner. The first word that entered my mind when I took in the fragrance was: cotton. If you are familiar with Bath & Body Works Cotton Blossom (that was a staple of my youth), that’s what this scent reminds me of. And that’s right on point as the essentials oils used in this body wash and body lotion are sage, star anise, grapefruit and cotton flower.  

Just like their other body washes that I’ve used, Sage was incredibly gentle and I loved the light, fresh scent on my skin. Not perfumey at all, more like a just out of the shower type fragrance. The lotion was great too, as it left no greasy residue behind. Just absorbed and done!

I haven’t yet used the Nutmeg Body Wash, as I feel the scent is more of a male type scent. The essential oils used in it are nutmeg, amber, cardamom and lavender and is targeted to dry skin. It has more of a cologne type fragrance to me.

Have you tried either of these new fragrances? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

*Disclosure; photo (c) Shannon Nelson

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