Beauty Expert Q & A: Celebrity Hairstylist Nick Arrojo

Nick ARROJOI think we can all clearly say that celebrity hairstylist, Nick Arrojo, had us at hello back when he was on TLC’s What Not to Wear. I was always mesmerized by the way Nick could turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. Then one day in March of 2009, me and my 22 inches of hair decided to visit him in his New York City salon. It was quite an experience of a lifetime.

Shannon: Your passion for the hair industry is so apparent in all that you do from your newsletter to your salon to your academy; what drives you to educate and create innovation among salon professionals?

Nick Arrojo: I love the business that I’m in; my work is a labor of love. And I’m very fortunate to have such a varied, rewarding and successful career. This gives me a sense of duty to use my knowledge, experience and skill to raise standards in the whole hairdressing craft. It’s also something that has been instilled in me from my early days in the industry. I’ve worked for top-notch companies like Vidal Sassoon, Wella, and Bumble and Bumble. At all these places the commitment to education and excellence is strong, and this helped me see that the best chance of success for you and those around you is to continue to grow, innovate, inspire and improve. I take ownership of what I do for the benefit myself, my business, and those around me. And if I do that, it means I’m contributing to a stronger, more dynamic hairdressing industry, which is exactly what I want to do.

Shannon: Which do you prefer, styling hair for celebrities or styling hair on the everyday person?

Nick Arrojo: I get asked this all the time and the only answer is there is no answer. I don’t prefer everyday people or celebrities. To me every client is as important as the last, and the next. Whoever the person in my chair may be, my goal is to do the right thing for the individual and make them feel special, and make them look their sensational best.

Shannon: In your book, “Great Hair,” you say you can tell someone’s texture and hair shape in 30 seconds. Do you often find when you are out and about in New York City that you are sizing up everyone’s hair and thinking up their perfect style and cut?

Nick Arrojo: No. In the book I was talking about when a client first sits in my chair and I’m assessing their hair so I can understand how to achieve the best style for them. But when I leave work I’m good at switching off and not worrying too much about the hair of people around me. I don’t feel it necessary or appropriate for me to give advice to every head of hair; but if a person asks my advice, be it in the salon or on the street, I’m happy to help. Otherwise the only time I give a style a close inspection is when I see something that looks really creative, new, innovative or different (in a good way). In New York City you do see some fantastic hairstyles walking around the streets, and I like to use this as inspiration for my own new ideas.

Shannon: What do you feel is one of the biggest myths about hair care and why do you think people still believe it?Nick_Arrojo_shannon_nelson

Nick Arrojo: There’s quite a few and they do make me laugh. I’ll give you two of my favorites, which are closely related. First: Hair grows faster if you trim it. I’m sure this myth is born out of the idea that trimming ends makes your hair look healthier. True, because you’re cutting off all those nasty split ends, but hair grows at the same rate no matter how often you cut or trim it. Second: The notion cutting your hair short makes it look thicker. No, cutting hair short gives the illusion of thickness. When hair is on the longer side, the extra weight pulls it down, making it appear fine and thin. Conversely, when cut short, hair lies on top of each other and with it comes the illusion of thicker hair. For anyone conscious of fine or thinning hair, a shorter style might be just the ticket.

Shannon: What’s next for you; new products, working on your cosmetology school?

Nick Arrojo: Yes, I want to continue to grow and improve all the elements of my business: the salon, the advanced education academy, the cosmetology school, and the product company. My commitment to education is a huge part of my business. We’re already booked for major hair and beauty trade shows. It’s a time full of education, inspiration and if you know hairdressers, a lot of fun. Basically my plate is full, just the way I like it.

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(And yes! That is me with Nick in 2009!) If you are interested in seeing my transformation checkout my makeover with Nick Arrojo.)

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