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There’s nothing that inspires exultation during bath time more than the thought of trying out new bath and body products for the first time.  There’s always so much hope that this will be the product/line of products that will give you your “dream skin.”  At least this was my mind-state right before trying some of ArganMagic‘s bath and body products.  I was even more excited because the name has the word “magic” in it, needless to say I went in with very high expectations and I was not disappointed.

I started off my in shower spa session with the Zesty Orange Body Scrub.  The scrub ad a mild orange scent that was not at all overpowering and it exfoliated my skin as promised…gently. After I rinsed off the scrub, my skin felt instantly smoother and softer; not like it had been buffed over with an electric sander.

Next up, the Bloomin Body Wash.  This product is described as a “gentle soap-free cleanser” and it most definitely is! Once applied to my skin it transformed into a very subtle, but creamy lather, so creamy in fact that I didn’t feel like I need to moisturize after I stepped out of the shower…but I was on a roll. I was enjoying the experience so much I decided to put some music on while I moisturized with the Multi-Purpose Treatment Oil, it had “magically…ArganMagically” become a shower/spa party (ok maybe the ArganMagically was a bit much, but I was having fun with the products.) The Multi-Purpose Treatment Oil was rapidly absorbed by my skin without leaving an oily residue, my skin felt so smooth and soft I chased my boyfriend around the house demanding that he feel my skin…someone had to witness the magnificence and he was the only one around. I’m sure interrupting whatever he was working on was worth feeling pure silk (yes a bold statement but it really did feel that good.)  

I could have stopped there, but I think ArganMagic had possessed me, I also wanted to try the Nourishing Bath Oil…too bad I had already showered, so I gave it to my boyfriend and sent him off to the bath with strict instructions to dunk his head in the oil infused bath water to see if it would condition his hair as promised (plus I’m sure I sensed a bit of envy over my smooth silky skin and I wanted to be a good girlfriend and share the experience.)  For someone who never uses body lotions, butters or oils of any kind, he sure seemed very proud off how soft and smooth his skin was after his bath, his hair was also noticeably softer and shinier.

To conclude my over dosage of ArganMagic products, before bed I applied the Corrective Heel & Foot Treatment, the Emulsifying Hand Cream and the Soothing Skin Salve to my cuticles and ends of my hair. Both the hand and foot cream were quickly absorbed by my skin and did not leave any greasy residue on my sheets in the morning.  I also woke up with very moisturized hands and feet.  My cuticles also felt a lot less drier than if I had just used regular lotion.  For the past few days I’ve been taking the Soothing Skin Salve with me everywhere, its size makes it very convenient to carry around in my bag without taking up much space and I can use if for everything: in my hair, on my skin, I even applied it to my lips when I didn’t have my lip balm handy (not sure if that was such a good idea but it did hydrate them.)  Over the past few days I’ve noticed that I might have developed somewhat of an obsession with this line, I can’t seem to stop applying it.

All of the products I’ve tried so far have definitely lived up to their promises.  I also love that a lot of the products have multiple uses.  After using the bath and body products I cannot wait to try the Restorative hair Mask, Intensive Hair Oil and Nourishing Hair Cream.  More to come…

You can find ArganMagic on The Shopping Channel (in Canada) or (in the U.S.)


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