Hairstylist, Rodnei Ferby and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, Damaris Lewis

In the middle of all the Fashion Week madness last week, A Girl’s Gotta Spa! took some (much needed) time out to tag along with amazing hairstylist (and Odile Gilbert protege) Rodnei Ferby as he styled the hair of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, Damaris Lewis, for the 2011 issue release party.  Rodnei was requested by Damaris herself and has worked with her  in the past at various shows including Baby Phat (they were both  broadcast all over Times Square on the jumbo-tron for the live feed of the Baby Phat Spring/Summer 2010 show.)

Rodnei arrived (fresh from assisting Odile Gilbert at the Rodarte Show) with the look he wanted to create for Damaris in mind. He wanted a style that was flirty yet sophisticated and since  she is so young he also wanted the hairstyle to be cute and discreet…but she IS a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, so the style had to be flirty and sophisticated as well.  He wanted to show her neck (but not too much of it) as well as frame the magnificent earrings she was wearing that night.

And being as kind as he is talented, Rodnei gave us a step by step on how to achieve the look using products by TRESemmé.

First, he prepped her already blown out hair with TRESemmé Mousse and brushed it through the hair. He then sectioned hair into three parts (left half, and two sections on the right)  and curled all of it it using  a Hot Tool 1 1/2″ curling iron, then pinned each curled section to the scalp and set it with  TRESemmé Ultra Fine Mist. Once the hair was set he removed the pins and finger combed it .  The left side of the hair was swooped around to the right side of the head into a low, tight bun and secured to the nape of the neck with bobby pins.  The back 2/3 of the right side was secured into a low wraparound and the front half of the right side was left loose (so that it would hang and give her some playful movement in her hair.)  He then spiral curled  the loose, hanging section of the hair, smoothed the edges with a rat tail comb and used TRESemmé No-Frizz Ultra-Light Shine Spray to complete the look.

The finished product was effortless, chic, flirty and fun all at the same time.  After it was all over I was more motivated than ever to hit the gym… I too (like an SI model) wanted to be able to request Rodnei Ferby at will, whenever an event demanded amazing hair.

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  1. Dee

    Absolutely beautiful. That boy has skills!

  2. Gail Lewis

    He sure does! And he is such a sweetheart too 🙂

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