Nivea for Men. For Manly, Manly Men Who Want to Smell Sports Clean

So, I pull up to the mansion to hob-nob with the Hollywood elite. I’m supposed to be dressed in “Hollywood Chic” but no real clue what that means, so I snub the powers-that-be and wear flip-flips with a suit. And I still look better than most people. Plus it was supposed to be a “look like you give a damn” event … and I don’t need to, because I’m just that hot and cute.

Nivea For Men launches in Los Angeles with this Golden Globes pre-party. It’s an interesting concept, but from all my reading I figured out the product launch (we can thank Old Spice and all their press and messaging): men don’t buy products, but their wives and girlfriends DO buy products at the drugstore and grocery store.

That’s Nivea For Men: products for women to buy their men. Nivea is a well-known name in the female grocery experience, so this is their brand extension to capture males (through females.)

Now, I don’t think I’m their market. I’m metro, my shower is filled with Lush body gels (about 7 bottles), Lush shampoos plus other shampoos (10 – it’s about shampoo rotations), and I’m using my Clarisonic with Skinceuticals. Yep, I smell like cinnamon or grass or honey on a daily basis.

I took my baggie of goodies from the event, though, and tried a couple out: Post-Shave Balm for Sensitive Skin, as well as the biggie … Active3, an all-in-one shower, shampoo and shaving gel. 

Active3 is a pretty interesting concept, and seems like a good fit for the guy to take to the gym and have everything he needs to shower and shave at the gym. It has that manly “sports” smell that is de riguer in manly products (and one that always seems to bug my allergies.) But it does what it’s supposed to do: I used my shower sponge, lathered up my body and got that clean yet moisturizing feel. I tried it on my hair and it felt clean and conditioned. And I did try it out to shave – I used my Clarisonic to lather it up, and it did give me a nice, close shave. And then I used the post-shave balm and it covered me up and seemed to do what it’s supposed to do (to tell the truth, I have no idea what it is supposed to do – cool shave burn? I guess.)

The products do what they’re supposed to do – get you clean. And it is a good product for the wife/girlfriend to pick up at the store.

But, well, it’s not for me. That’s not the products fault – it’s a mainstream product, and I’m not a mainstream product type of guy. I can see the huge market for them – they just need to suck up to social media influencers with a video series with a nude guy in the bathroom, to get all that buzz.

Full disclosure: I was invited to the Nivea For Men Golden Globes Pre-Party, where I received the products as well as a computer bag. I currently use the bag while my backpack is being repaired. It has not changed my review in any way, however.


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  1. Ella

    My husband has been using my Nivea face cream for a while now. I’ll have to pick up some of this for him – i think he’ll feel a little more comfortable using it. Guys sure are strange about that kind of thing!

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