4 Candles That Smell Amazing

If there is ever a storm and we lose power for days…not only do I have tons of candles in my house to give us light, but my house is likely to be the only one on the block without electricity that smells completely amazing. If you are a candle addict of sorts, you can probably relate.

There are 4 candles that smell amazing that I am absolutely loving right now.

Lisa Hoffman Madagascar Orchid candle: Small in size, but due to the crackling sound this wood wick makes, you would think you have a roaring fire going. And to be perfectly honest, the sound of that fireplace-like fire is pretty soothing. The candle is a soy wax blend and burns for 50 hours. The fragrance is a sweet floral scent. Simply put: it smells like a lotion I’d like to wear. ($46)

Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender candle: Perfect to instill a sense of calm and peace in your house, this clean burning wick and vegetable wax candle is a musky lavender scent. Burn time is about 40 hours and it comes with a pretty silver candle topper. ($30)

Tocca Beauty Candle in Brigitte: Named after Brigitte Bardo, this fragrance is completely sexy. (And they have it in a body cream that I wear and LOVE!) The scent is a mix of ginger, rhubarb and papaya. Certainly a great romance candle…or when you are just in the mood for your house to smell pretty. ¬†Burn time is about 60 hours. ($38)

Yon-Ka Paris Quintessence Candle: This scent reminds me of walking through the doors of the spa to that herbal-like fragrance that greets you. It is a mix of Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary, Cypress and Thyme in a palm and soy wax blend. I feel relaxed every time I light this candle. ($48)

Do you own any of these candles? Or is there one I should know about? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Eve

    Espa do some gorgeous candles, I like their Soothing candle, it smells wonderful and is full of soothing and relaxing essential oils.

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