4th Annual Mom Get Glamorous Winner

Congratulations to Aracelis, who was nominated by Juan. His nomination made it into the top 3 finalists as decided upon by myself and Mom Generations and received the most votes by our readers. Aracelis won the following items from our very awesome sponsors worth $870:

Three Custom Color: A Century in Red Lip Palette, Cool Mom on the Go Lip & Cheek Stain, Aurora Creme Eye Definer, Eye Liner Brush (retail value: $108)

Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments
Zoya Nail Polish Color WardrobeZoya Color Lock System, Zoya Sunshine Collection, Zoya Summertime Collection, Zoya Tasha (retail value: $152)

Lierac Skincare
: Sensorielle Oil, Initiatic Fluide (retail value: $82)

: Extreme haircare collection– Extreme Shampoo, Extreme Conditioner, Extreme Anti-Snap, Extreme CAT treatment, Extreme Strength Builder, Extreme Strength Builder Plus (retail value: $91)

Meaningful Beauty
: Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules, Glowing Serum, Lifting Eye Cream (retail value: $176)

Spa Week
: $75 Spa Gift Card “ indulge in the gift of health with massages, facials, mani-pedis and more at over 3000 spas and wellness centers nationwide. (Get incredible spa deals all year long, too!)

Artisan Naturals: Ultra-C Antioxidant Treatment Serum, Tangerine Exfoliating Creme Cleanser, Environmental Defense Antioxidant Face Creme (retail value: $98)

NouriShea: Mango Shampoo, Mango Conditioner, Mango Body Wash, Mango Shea Body Creme (retail value: $88)

Juan’s entry: Her Dedication is Tremendous

She is the best partner a person can ask for. These are the words I repeatedly tell people whenever they ask me about her. Aracelis is a 24 year old mother to our 15 month old daughter Lilah. Lilah was born February 14th, 2010, Valentine’s Day. Aracelis was always good with children, always dedicated time and attention to every child she has ever encountered, whether it was children in her own family or friend’s  children. When Lilah was born, she became so selfless; everything revolves around the care for our daughter. Aracelis understands Lilah so much and is there for her every single moment, no matter what. Her dedication is tremendous. She’s always reading new articles and finding out activities to take Lilah to, doing things to make sure that Lilah is not only having fun but learning at the same time. Everyone in our families and our friends always give her compliments on how much of a good mother she is and how perfectly she plays the role of mom. People always give compliments on how well behaved Lilah is in public places and how loving and caring she is turning out to be.

Children always look up to their parents for guidance and how they should or shouldn’t carry themselves, I believe Lilah has the best role model in Aracelis. She’s a full time student, majoring in Speech-Language Pathology, a line of work where you help kids with Speech Disability. Aracelis’ whole influence in achieving this type of degree was both the birth of Lilah and also the children in her family whom have had trouble speaking since they were born. You would believe that being raised without a father would taint her abilities of being a parent but her mother raised her well. Their relationship is one for the books, both always supporting each other and teaching each other new things. Aracelis has only taken off two nights since Lilah was born and that was this past April, she was very gloomy at night because she was used to falling asleep with Lilah in her arms. Most moms are counting down the days when they will get a break from parenting; Aracelis is always planning vacations that can include our daughter. She hates leaving Lilah behind for anything, even if it means going to the movies without her.

Overall, Aracelis has been a great mother thus far, giving every ounce of energy to make sure that Lilah is being raised the right way. She makes sure Lilah goes to her doctor’s appointments. She makes sure Lilah is happy and overall well. If I could, I would give Aracelis the world, she deserves it. Aracelis needs more “me” time; she would greatly appreciate anything that will make her feel at her best.

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