Review: Illuminare Beyond Black Everlasting Eyeliner

Guest beauty review from Marcia who writes the beauty blog, Beauty Info Zone, along with her blog partner Lisa. She’s been writing about cosmetics for 11 years, but has been a beauty aficionado for decades (and decades.) She used to have nightmares about being without eyeliner so you’ll find a lot of eyeliner reviews from her on her blog.

There is nothing quite like a black eyeliner. It goes with everything and just about everyone needs one in their life (I’m speaking about you beauty lovers of course.) Through my blog partner I’ve learned about one that has blown her socks off so of course I had to buy it for myself and see what she was raving about. Now my socks are blown off too so it’s a good thing it’s not winter in my part of the world. That eyeliner is Illuminare Beyond Black Everlasting Eyeliner.

This is the blackest of any black eyeliner I’ve ever tried and I’m sure I’ve come close to trying them all. I love eyeliner and don’t go a day without it. My two favorite kinds are gel liners and liquid eyeliners. The texture of Illuminare’s Beyond Black is unlike any in my collection. It’s very creamy, actually it’s more like a mousse texture. The first time I dipped my brush into it I was surprised at the softness of it. Because it’s so soft you have to be careful with the amount you pick up so you don’t overdo it.

I use the Paula Dorf Eyeliner brush (holy grail item for me) since I like a fine line. The application of Beyond Black with this brush was the smoothest I’ve ever tried. It is so soft and so silky yet it dries down instantly. If you make a mistake with it you need to work quickly since it sets up so fast.

I don’t normally wear liner on the waterline but I decided to try it out for the sake of review. This black is so intense that it was more obvious than any I’ve tried before therefore it was too much for me, but I admire how it looked and lasted. The day I tried that I removed it after 6 hours and other than one area on my waterline where it was patchy, it was as black as when I started. On a normal day of wearing Beyond Black Everlasting Eyeliner it lasts the entire day, top and bottom lash line. You’d think with that kind of wear it would be a bear to remove, but that’s not the case at all. I use Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover and it came off quickly and cleanly.

You can find Illuminare on their website but I bought mine from Dermstore since I love their policies (including free shipping). If you are a black eyeliner lover and haven’t tried Illuminare’s out, you are in for a treat. I wonder if my black gel liners will get much use now that I’ve got this.

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  1. Ammie
    Great review! That eyeliner looks really black.
  2. Jeanie
    I think I NEED this! Thanks for the review eye liner guru!

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