What’s Your Favorite Three Custom Color Product?

Many thanks to Three Custom Color Specialists for featuring me in their newsletter today! Three Custom is allowing me to give away a special code to receive $10 off any product on their site to the first 30 people to comment on this post. In your comment you must tell us which 3C product is your favorite OR which 3C product you are dying to try. (*US only, age 18+. Only one entry per person/per household/per email address.)

For me? I love their Light Clarifier Pencil, Mini Pressed Cool Bronzer and Twinkling Rose Gloss.

Comment away–and I will email the first 30 the code!

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41 Responses to What’s Your Favorite Three Custom Color Product?

  1. Joy

    I use the Light Clairifier Pencil every single day, and 3CC lip glosses are among my faves. The lip/cheek stain is also great for getting ready quickly.

  2. johanna

    Cream to powder blush all the colors are long lasting and amazing I love the color the morning after

  3. tracy

    Definitely the clarifying pencil is the best. The eyeshadows last a long time too.

  4. Denise

    I’m dying to try the clarifier pencils and the Century in Red Lip palette!

  5. Lori

    I have always wanted to try the cream blushes too, the clarifier pencil looks great also. Could anyone give all the ways they use the pencil?

  6. Lori

    The clarifiying pencil looks great, could you guys tell me all the ways you use it? I’ve been wanting to try a cream blush also!

  7. Lori

    sorry for dbl post!

  8. Shannon Nelson

    Hi Lori, I use the Light Clarifier Pencil as a way to brighten my eyes. I pencil the inner part of my bottom lid and I also use it at the inner point of my upper eye lid (near the bridge of your nose) and then blend with my finger. Makes your eyes pop!

  9. Moira

    What I love about Three Custom Colors is their abilty to perfectly match my favorite lipstick no longer in production!

  10. jeannie

    I am dying to try 3CC’s foundation! I’ve heard such amazing things about it!

  11. Rachelle

    My favorite product is the custom blend lipsticks because you can get shades that have been discontinued by other cosmetic companies! I also like the clarify pencil in light to use as a spot concealer and a little goes a long way!

  12. Nicole Di Carlo

    I’m dying to try their Clarifier pencil in Light!

  13. Mai

    I’m dying to try the clarifier pencil!

  14. Lisa

    I love the Cool Pink and Warm Pink lipliners – the only ones that really look natural on me while still providing some enhancement (warm with sheer gloss and cool with lipstick).

  15. Maura

    I love the Mom on the Go pallette. It has an eye shadow, bronzer and a blush/Cheek Stain. Great product.

  16. Care Campbell

    I would love to try the Light Clarifier pencil. I am just beginning my career as a makeup artist, and think that this would be an excellent addition to my kit. ( both the light and medium!).

  17. Barb S.

    I would love to try the Light Clarifier pencil, I’ve got pale skin and I think that it would help!!!

  18. Monica

    I love the lip and cheek stains by 3CC! They are awesome, long-wearing products.

  19. Paige

    I have to say my favorite 3CC product of all time is their recreation of Guerlain Divinora 480. I wear this lipstick every single day without fail, and it’s the most perfect thing I’ve found EVER. I have been dying to try their Nude Attitude lipstick as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Rhonda

    While looking for a discontinued Chanel color I found 3CC….. The lipstick they made for me was amazing…. it was Chanels Velvet Dusk Lipstick…. it is the greatest color for a natural looking lips… with a hint of color for medium skinned women… this lipstick stays on for hours…. I am now a huge fan of 3CC.. Greetings from Sweden….

  21. Pat La Ferrara

    I have to say I tried a custom color lipstick and love it!! Highly recommend this site!

  22. Pat La Ferrara

    Love the custom color lipsticks!! They feel great and last all day!

  23. Diana

    Light clarifier pencil has been a staple for years! Warm White e/s is also amazing.

  24. Ann

    3CC is slowly but surely replacing the other brands in my makeup! I love the lip pencils, and the light clarifier/peach shadow they sold as an Eye Bright set. Simply Beautiful colors are absolutely perfect!

  25. Domna Fearnow

    I love the lip gloss bare, but….. and I would love to try the light clarifying pencil. I love the blush too.

  26. Eileen

    I would love to try the clarifying pencil in light. After turning 50 I realize I look tired all the time no matter what product I use.

  27. Shabnam Khodaparast

    I would love to try their much talked about ski bunny lip & cheek stain.

  28. Carol

    I use a number of the 3CC products. My absolute favorite eye shadow combination is Warm Nectar, Copper and Aubergine, which really brings out my green eyes. I also love the Simply Beautiful lipstick.

  29. Lynne MacFarlane

    I love the “Billie” lipgloss and am especially interested in trying the Light Clarifier Pencil.

  30. Jennie

    I found 3CC through a Daily Candy note about ski bunny cheek stain, and boy was I glad. It’s the most natural color I’ve ever used. Just a moisturizer and ski bunny on cheeks, tip of nose, and dabbed on the bow of my mouth and I look really fresh, no matter how little sleep I’ve had.

  31. Becky Griffin

    I love the light brights lipsticks and also the snow bunny lip & cheek stain! Great products!

  32. Laurie

    i love the cream eyeliners…i love the purple/black..kind of a blue black…it makes the whites of the eyes pop!!

  33. Diane K.

    My favorite 3CC product and the one I’d love to win is the Figaro lip gloss. LOVE,LOVE, LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it

    Diane K.

  34. Diane K.

    I have to say that what really bothers me is that you run a contest like this where you mention a few 3CC items and instead of your readers really thinking about their favorite 3CC product or product they’d like to try, they simply quickly try to respond quickly so they one of the first 30 people to respond by simply repeating one of the items you already mentioned in your ad, clearly indicating they either don’t even know the brand but want a discount coupon or they have no favorite and are simply just pretending to know the brand by reiterating a product you already mentioned. I own almost every item made by 3CC but by the time I saw this ad and gave it a little thought as to which item is my favorite, I see that I already missed the 30 not by people who have a clue as to anything about the brand but by people simply reiterating the one item you put in your ad, which is the clarifying pencil. I get fed up with cheaters and to me, these people are cheaters. It’s not about simply being one of the first 30 but abiding by the rules. And these people who won, do you realize you didn’t win anything but a coupon that will give you a discount on a product as compared to winning something for free. I think all those who won should be required to purchase the items they listed or be disqualified.

    Diane K.

  35. Shannon Nelson

    Hi Diane,

    Your comment actually made it into the first 30 comments. I had responded and a few people commented twice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I value your opinion because I know you are a regular reader here. When brands set up contests with me (which you know I don’t have very often) I usually abide by the rules they set in place for how they want the contest to function. 3C asked that it be for the first 30 people to comment, I’m assuming for simplicity’s sake since they are giving me 30 different codes for the $10 Off coupon. I welcomed comments because more readers lurk here than actually comment on the reviews and I definitely wanted to hear from people who read my blog.

    Thank you for your feedback and for reading my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Lori

    Hi Diane,
    I actually found this blog because of an email from 3CC I receive even I have never purchased from them. Since I am a stay at home mom its hard for me to be able to buy everything I want including “almost every item made by 3CC”, (good for you, by the way, but not all of us have that luxury, and wanting to save 10 bucks doesn’t make us “cheaters” just thrifty.) I thought long and hard about whether or not I would respond to your comment since its really none of my business, but I have enjoyed reading Shannon’s blog since finding it because of the contest and I’d be willing to bet others have too. Your comment was just MEAN and I’m tired of “mean girls” on blogs and forums, its the reason I stopped posting on the EDS forum even though I have TONS of experience in skincare and makeup artistry. Actually, if you re-read your comment you’ll see you didn’t mention a specific product that you use or want, so I guess you don’t fit exactly into rules yourself, do ya? I know nothing about you and you only know what it is that I’ve said about myself, but please, think before you post, you could be hurting someone’s feelings and again, not all of us have the luxury of owning nearly everything a company makes or even a few things and 10 dollars means a lot more to some people than it does to others. And to Shannon, I apologize for using your blog for my own personal soap box and I do hope I haven’t offended you or anyone else, that was not my intent, however, after going through some tough financial times, I was so excited to actually try, yes, the clarifying pencil and I was deeply hurt and offended by the unkind words posted by Diane. Again, my apologies to you, Shannon and I truly enjoy reading your blog. LVS

  37. Lori

    Was wondering if the foundation was really heavy, seems like a foundation that could be used as a concealer would be a little much. Does it have a lot of silicones? Also, the Watercolors for cheeks look beautiful but I wondered if they were a little heavy as well. Also, Shannon, I was wondering if (sorry I know that this is off subject but I wasn’t sure where to ask) you had tried and will be reviewing the “They’re real” mascara by Benefit, saw it on an SA and it was UNBELIEVABLE! I actually asked her if her lashes were real and she laughed and told me about the mascara, TIA!

  38. Diane K.

    First, thank you Shannon for your kind words. I always enjoy your blog which is why I’m here all the time as a steady reader. As for Lori, I just read your comment and I personally think you should have refrained from saying anything given what my response will be. First, I never mentioned a product because I quickly perused the long list of comments and already knew I was too late. Second, I am a make up junkie and I read this column as well as many others regularly as a form of relaxation and in the spirit of sharing ideas with those of similar interests. Unfortunately, there are many people who do cheat in contests and that’s why a lot of honest people don’t bother participating in the contests. Third, I often respond to blogs and participate in conversations whether there’s a contest or not because I love make up and skincare and I enjoy the experience of truly bonding with nice people with similar interests. I don’t simply come to a site only when they are running a contest. Fourth, yes, 3CC is one of my favorite companies, I live in manhattan and have been to their studio and unfortunately, my big weakness where I do spend too much money, just as most make up addicts who participate in these blogs do, is on cosmetics and skincare. Fifth, while I respect the fact that you are a stay at home mom, don’t assume that just because someone chooses to spend their money on a collection, such as make up, that they are rich and have plenty of extra money to spend. I’m sure if you ask most of the beauty bloggers they will tell you that a good chunk of their income goes to make up. Just because that’s not your priority, passion or you simply need to spend the money on your children doesn’t mean that you possess any less money that anyone else who chooses to spend their earnings in a different manner. I am an attorney and have spent the duration of my career working 16-18 days and often don’t get paid by clients in a timely manner or at all because after the work is done and their problems are resolved, they think they can simply walk away without honoring their financial obligations. I also have spent the duration of my career doing work for free for those less fortunate because I feel bad for them depending on their circumstances. I am an extremely fair person and the only reason I mentioned about having almost everything 3CC makes is not to brag but to prove a point that true fans should not be precluded from receiving a coupon simply because a bunch of people, many of whom will never use the coupon once they find out how much the make up actually costs, thus wasting it, rushed to say anything because they thought they were getting something for free. However, when they find out how much money it will still cost them out of pocket even with the $10 off, the coupon goes to waste which is a shame when there are people like me who do patronize 3CC, a very small company that works very hard for their sales, also now loses a sale. These blogs are places where people can express their views whether you agree with them or not. If you truly had “TONS” of experience in the skincare and make up industry, then my comment would have had little impact on you. I am a regular reader of Shannon’s blog as she acknowledged which is why she was so kind as to comment back to me in the way she did, unlike you. Seems to me that if anyone is the MEAN GIRL, it’s you. And lastly, I, too, am thrifty with my money but I am entitled to spend some money on myself after working the amount of hours that I do as well as all the charity work as well. And by the way, be consistent in your comment. You stated you came to Shannon’s blog because of the 3CC coupon and that’s what drew you there, which was your first time at this blog. However, you further state you have enjoyed reading thereafter, meaning after the coupon was distributed. Well, that’s impossible hon since this is the ONLY blog that pertains to the 3CC coupon meaning this is the first time you have been to this blog and it was ONLY because of the coupon whereas I read her blog daily and have been a regular member for a while. The whole point of a blog is to exchange comments, feelings share experiences, etc. Sometimes people get annoyed and the next day they are best friends with the same person they disagreed with the day before. You are entitled to say anything you want on any blog as long as you don’t use vulgar or inappropriate language and I have no problem with you disagreeing with me. But name calling is childish and shows a lack of maturity on your part. I also found inconsistencies in your statement (some would classify as lies) and bouts of jealousy. I am not too big a person to say that when I wrote the email I was annoyed and I felt the need to express the reason for my annoyance since I’ve seen many forms of improper behavior before on blogs and I was a bit stressed that day. Even if I didn’t make the 30 cut as I did, those who responded first should have won just as they did since those were the rules. But your comments come from a place I already listed above, which to me I simply ignore because you add nothing to a conversation other than name calling. That’s not an intelligent conversation or mature feedback, but just being a MEAN GIRL!

  39. Diane K.

    Gee, I forgot to add 2 more comments. First, I want to correct something you stated Lori. You said I never mentioned my favorite product. Well, you’re wrong. If you look at the comment I made immediately prior to my criticism, I named the lipgloss Figaro as my favorite product. And lastly, for someone SO experienced in the skincare and cosmetics industry, I noticed you asked about 3 questions pertaining to how to use certain products. First, you stated you never used a cream blush before, then you asked how to use a clarifying pencil and then you made some comments stating the watercolor blushes and foundations looked too heavy, all without ever seeing these products in person. Now, under normal circumstances, your questions are exactly the type of things people should be discussing on these blogs because we are all here to share information and knowledge. But please don’t try to convince anyone you’re an expert in this industry with questions like that. I think you should know your facts and yes, you should have thought long and hard before making such nasty accusations against me. Have a nice day.

  40. Lori

    I asked those questions b/c I’ve never used any 3CC products before and wanted to spark some discussion. I am experienced in the industry, didn’t say I hadn’t used any cream blush before just not 3CCs. I do not appreciate being called a liar and immature and I can assure you I feel no jealousy toward you. I have enjoyed reading this blog and have posted comments but can never seem to get anyone to respond. As for maturity levels, I simply stated my opinion to what I felt like was a “rant” on your part and then went on about my business about trying to get some discussion going about this brand but instead on letting it go and telling me and others about the products you’ve tried you decided to go on (yet another) rant, this time hitting WAY below the belt, by the way. (What did your little pouty fit about not making it into the 30 have to do with intelligent conversation, by the way?) I have enjoyed reading this blog but I assure you I won’t be back again, so you don’t have to bother responding, as for calling me a “name caller” I am still in shock and awe that you would call someone you do not know a liar, as for “nasty accusations”, I think you went much farther than I. Again, my apologies to Shannon. I didn’t receive a coupon until several days after this lovely exchange, by the way so I was reading other entries waaaaay before I received a coupon. YOU have a nice day, Diane and with that I wash my hands of this not worth getting my blood pressure up.

  41. Shannon Nelson

    Hi Lori, I haven’t tried They’re Real from Benefit yet, but you just gave me another to add to my list! I’ve never used 3C’s foundation, so maybe someone else who has can answer you here. The main concealers I use are from Christopher Drummond Beauty and Youngblood Cosmetics. I don’t believe that either have silicones, but I’m not entirely sure.

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