Review: glominerals The Mint Balm

One beauty product that we all seem to have in common, both men and women, is lip balm. Although there are a lot of my male friends, and family members, who do not consider lip balm to be a beauty product but as more of a necessity (sorry guys it may be a necessity, but it is also a beauty product.)

Lip balm is one of those products that most people refuse to leave home without and also own a lot of.  I know of quite a few people, myself included, that have a lip balm (or two) in their purses, cars, desk at work, pockets, gym bags etc.  Admit it, we are all crazy about our lip balms.  It is an easy impulse item to justify because they are fairly inexpensive and for some odd reason, much like socks, we tend to misplace them a lot…I blame this on the size, so it makes perfect sense to have multiple balms stashed EVERYWHERE (even then I always seen to lose them.) What if someone made a balm that wasn’t so teeny so it would last longer and be pretty difficult to misplace?

Well, someone did, and that (or those) someone(s) is glōminerals and the lip balm is called, the mint balm.  It comes in a stick that is .65 oz, most sticks of lip balms are .15 oz, so the mint balm is a little more than four times the size of most lip balms.  The mint balm of course has a minty fragrance (perfect if  you are out of breath mints or gum) and is really moisturizing but without feeling thick and goopy.  I love that my lips feel cool, tingly and refreshed after I apply the balm, a welcome sensation in the summer and especially in 95-100 degree temps.  In addition to the light feel of the balm, it is also perfect for summer because it contains SPF 15.  It is also great as an after sun treatment for your lips because it contains ingredients such as hemp seed oil, meadowfoam and mango seed butter, which soothe and heal.

If you are looking to experiment with different beauty products this summer, the mint balm is definitely a perfect one to start with.  It is inexpensive ( just $12) and works great.  I have had it now for one week and have not misplaced it once (a record for me.)  I am sure this will be the first lip balm that will see me through summer, into fall and winter…and quite possibly even through spring into summer of next year, and that I would not mind one bit…all the money I will save from sticking with one amazing lip balm can go towards experimenting with other beauty items…I am remaining loyal to this one.

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4 Responses to Review: glominerals The Mint Balm

  1. Mandy

    Oohhh methinks I may need this for my labor/hospital bag. Sounds seriously moisturizing and the spf is definitely a plus! Another awesome post as usual!

  2. Rachael @ Holistically Haute

    I use some of Glo’s makeup but I haven’t tried this lip balm yet…I’ll have to include it in my next order! Have you previewed their new fall collection yet (not sure you got the release)? The eyeshadows are beautiful.

  3. Gail Lewis

    Oooohh can’t wait to try the eyeshadows!

  4. Gail Lewis

    Yes you do! It’s very soothing…perfect for your labor/hospital bag :)

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