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I absolutely love lip glosses. They are the one beauty item that you will never find me without.  For  someone like me, who struggles with most types of  makeup application, they are just so easy and foolproof.  Application of glosses does not require absolute precision (like eyeliner and mascara), it does not require much blending (yes I am referring to you foundation, eyeshadow and blush) and usually does not require that you have a mirror handy; lip glosses are just so user friendly.  So most of you can of course understand why I would have multiple lip glosses in the same shade of pink…or nude…or berry, okay you get the idea…I am insane about lip gloss. So it’s no surprise that whenever I find out there is a new lip gloss on the market, I just HAVE to get an introduction.  The most recent introduction occurred between me and LipSavvy Star Studded Shine Lip Gloss in Sho Bunny.

Based solely on appearance, I liked LipSavvy immediately. The design of the LipSavvy gloss pen is really fun and girly, it’s a colorful cheetah print (purple, white, lavender and gold), that stands out from most gloss pens I’ve seen lately, which are for the most part just a single color or clear.  I also love how the gloss smells, sort of like fruity bubblegum, which briefly took me back to my high school days.  The LipSavvy lip glosses are supposed to be anti-aging, plumping and hydrating.  It was definitely hydrating, but without feeling really heavy and sticky.  My lips did appear fuller after I applied the gloss, but I am not sure whether this was from how sparkly the gloss is or from the plumping ingredients it contains…maybe it was both. While the gloss felt great on my lips and smells great, I unfortunately did not like how sparkly it is.  After using it, sparkly residue kept showing up on different places on my face.  My boyfriend also was not a fan because after kissing me he ended up with sparkly stuff all over his lips and chin which was a pain to remove for some reason.  I was pretty bummed because I loved everything else about the gloss.

I think this is one of the times I chose the right brand, but just the wrong product.  The LipSavvy glosses do come in two formulas, ColorGlam and the one I chose, Star Studded Shine.  I am hoping that ColorGlam will have everything I loved about the Star Studded Shine gloss in Sho Bunny with the exception of all that “star studded shine.” Have you tried this product?

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3 Responses to Review: LipSavvy Lip Gloss

  1. Christine Iversen

    Those lipglosses look adorable, really cute packaging :)
    I love lipglosses as well, haven’t tried these before :)

    Love Christine ♥

  2. Lucid Lip Gloss

    Agree! Fab packaging. How much do they cost?

  3. Gail Lewis

    They are $18 :)

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