Review: O.N.E Olive Oil Nourishing Enrichment

There are very few of us…if any, that actually enjoy traveling via airplane.  I know I definitely love arriving at my destination but anything prior to that part is either stressful, boring or a complete pain.  First there’s waiting in line to check in, then to get through security, then to board and of course waiting on your luggage and hoping that it actually arrived on the same flight as you (doubly stressful if you’re attending a wedding out of town and your dress is in your suitcase.)

To avoid some of the stresses that come with flying, I try, whenever I can, to just travel with my purse and one carry on.  This more often than not, however, proves to be a challenge mainly due to my beauty products.  I will travel with one pair of jeans and a few tops for an entire week, but when it comes to my beauty products I experience anxiety at the thought of leaving anything behind, you just never know what beauty emergencies might arise and it’s always best to be prepared.

One of the ways of ensuring that all of my beauty products  make it in my carry on luggage is to buy tiny bottles or jars that are TSA approved and fill them with my products, since a lot of the products I use don’t seem to be available in travel sizes as yet.  This was great in theory, but I underestimated just how much of an appreciation I have for beauty products and was pretty bummed when  security informed me that my quart sized Ziploc bag had to actually be closed and not have products coming out the opening so I would have to get rid of some of my items to clear security…it was back to the drawing board, but thankfully not for long because I discovered O.N.E Olive Oil Nourishing Enrichment.

It is a multi-function wonder!  The oil can be used for soothing irritation from sunburns or shaving and waxing, to a basic face and body moisturizer, to a deep conditioning mask to revive hair from a drying day in the sun and salt water and best of all it is available in travel sized packets (15 travel sized packets in a box.)  I was just recently in Minneapolis, MN for a week and I threw a couple of the packets in my purse and was really happy I did because while in flight, I used it on my hands, cuticles and the ends of my hair, which tend to get really dry on airplanes.  It also worked great as my nighttime face moisturizer (I only packed a daytime face moisturizer with SPF and really did not want to use something with SPF at night.)  The oil contains 100% organic olive oil, sunflower oil, vitamin e, lavender and geranium essential oils.  It has a very light and clean fragrance (perfect for the plane because the fragrance won’t offend your neighbors.)

Since O.N.E Olive Oil Nourishing Enrichment worked so great on my hands, cuticles, face and hair, it makes perfect sense for me to get the normal sized bottle to try out on the rest of my body…plus I would prefer to save my travel sized packets for…well, traveling and now that I am back in Miami I can’t wait to toss them in my beach bag and head to the ocean for a day of relaxation and beautification.  My initial excitement for O.N.E Olive Oil Nourishing Enrichment was due to how hassle free it made traveling, now I am excited about it because it is simply amazing.

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6 Responses to Review: O.N.E Olive Oil Nourishing Enrichment

  1. Mandy

    If that was the oil used to give me a back rub it was divine. Will def need to get some to use in my hair.

  2. elmos empire

    hiyya i love your blog and
    your reviews 🙂 they are amazing .

  3. Gail Lewis

    Thank you! I have fun writing them 🙂

  4. Gail Lewis

    It sure was! They have it in a regular sized bottle…scent is soooo soothing!

  5. susan

    this is a total rip off. I use any kind of unscented drug store moisture cream or oil or lotion and if you like the smell add lavendar oil or the geranium oil to it…so easy..
    Aveeno make a great all over in a large pot..for 12 bucks. which is so much better

  6. Gail Lewis

    Thanks for the great money saving suggestions Susan, I will definitely try that and see how it works, great idea! 🙂

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