Review: Smith & Vandiver Aromatherapes Moisture Balm

So ladies, a lot of us love our ginormous purses.   What’s not to love…we can load them up with all those things we think that we “need” to carry around on a regular basis, they’re our fashionable security blanket.  But the days of lugging around everything but the kitchen sink in our purses seem to be coming to a very sad end.  It seems as though every  fashion magazine I flip through lately has been featuring a much less compact version of our favorite everyday suitcases.  These “new, fashionable” purses seem barely capable of holding  a respectably sized makeup bag much less my fold up flats in a bag, magazine, snacks, bottled water and change of clothes…  It looks as if  it’s about time to downsize and what better way to start the process  than by trimming my beauty products.

Although I knew I might face a few anxiety provoking moments while undergoing the trimming process, I was very unprepared for just how much trimming would be required to make the fit…no wonder we couldn’t find my younger brother, he was squatting at the bottom of my super sized hobo! The process was going to be tougher than I thought, but thankfully I had one product that made the process less painful, My Smith & Vandiver  Aromatherapaes All-Over Balms.  The balms come in a .5 ounce very easy to carry stick (very lip balm like) and are available in two aromatherapy blends; Sweet Orange and Vanilla for REFRESHING Moisture and Neroli and Lavender for SOOTHING Moisture.  Besides smelling great, not too heavy or cloying, but more natural and being the perfect size to fit into any sized purse and easy to carry, the balms are very moisturizing.  I use it on my hands, cuticles, lips sometimes, heels of my feet (especially on airplanes), to smooth flyaways …I use it just about everywhere and it works great on just about every part of the body.

I don’t know if it was the knowledge that I had an all over moisturizing product that would fit in my new teeny purse that erased my anxiety, or if it was the Neroli and Lavender essential oils in the Soothing Moisture Balm. Either way, the balm works great, smells great and can give me energy when I need it or relax me when I need it…fashion can be as fickle as it wants to be…carrying around my Aromatherapaes All-Over Balms shall remain a constant.

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