Review: greenbeauty Youth Boost Facial Serum

Lately my sister, who seems to be very knowledgeable about any and everything that has to do with skincare has been raving about the benefits of incorporating a facial serum into my skincare regimen.  My sister is in her thirties, but can pass for sixteen and often times does, her skin is absolutely flawless so whenever she gives me skincare advice I always take it.  So for the past few weeks I have been using the greenbeauty youth boost facial serum twice daily, in the morning and at night.  As indicated by the name, the greenbeauty youth boost facial serum is both natural and organic and contains apple stem cells in addition to vitamin A and C, green tea, amla fruits and licorice root.  This combination of ingredients is supposed to  firm and even skin tone, smooth the appearance of fine lines, brighten skin and enhance skins’ luminosity and the results are supposed to be visible in just 14 days.

The first week I used the serum, I didn’t really notice much of a difference in the appearance of my skin, but since it said results in 14 days I thought I would wait another week to see if it delivers.  It’s now been a little over two weeks and I do indeed notice a difference in my skin.  First of all I have had absolutely no blemishes since I’ve started using the serum…even during that time of the month.  My skin also looks brighter and healthier…I guess you could say it looks more youthful.  I’ve also started using a bit of the serum on my hands to see if it will also improve the appearance of the back of my hands…I just started doing this so it’s too soon to report on the progress.

The youth boost facial serum is also a great product to apply before a workout.  I personally do not like using facial moisturizers before a workout (even the oil free kind) because my face gets really oily and starts to feel clogged halfway through my workout, so I’ve been applying just the serum and my face is definitely less greasy after a tough workout…plus I’m being good to my face and body at the same time.

Have you tried greenbeauty Youth Boost Facial Serum? Share your experience in the comments!

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