Hairspray Review: Sojourn Firm Hold Working Spray

When it comes to my hair, I pretty much tend to limit the amount of products I introduce it to, sticking mainly to shampoo, conditioners, deep condition treatments and a shine product for when I want to blow dry.  I avoid most other products such as hairspray, gels, styling creams, etc. because I have not had very good experiences with them.  Maybe it’s because I have very textured hair, but most styling products have  left my hair feeling dry and brittle.  As great as my avoidance of most styling products have been on my hair as well as my wallet, sometimes I would like the amazing hairstyles that my very talented hairstylist boyfriend creates to last for more than an hour in the Miami heat…which is only possible with the aid of  styling products of course.

As a working model whose had my hair teased, curled, crimped and manipulated in every way possible, as well as living with a hairstylist, I’ve gained valuable knowledge about what products and brands of products work for my hair type and which I should avoid at all costs…the list of what I trust and what works is pretty short, hence I’m always hesitant about deviating from my “trusted list”.  So it was with a bit of trepidation (yes trepidation…I know it’s just hair but unhealthy hair for me could mean I don’t work for a month or so) that I decided to try Sojourn’s Firm Hold Working Spray.

I decided I would try the Firm Hold Working Spray on a photo-shoot I already had scheduled because if it performed well under hot studio lights as well as on location on a windy day without causing my hair to feel and look dry, then I would definitely have a styling product to add to the “trusted” list.  The hair for the day of the shoot was  simple, pretty, healthy looking hair that needed to stay looking pretty and  simple for a few hours.  Hairstylist Pearson Knight of PK Hair was the stylist on set the day of the shoot.  He blew out my hair with a round brushed, then set the random tousled curls with a large barreled curling iron and the Firm Hold Working Spray.  The spray performed great.  The hairstyle stayed in place for the duration of the photo-shoot (which included three different wardrobe changes and two location changes….one outside on a pretty windy day), but still had movement as well as shine.  After the shoot I did not immediately rush home to wash and condition my hair as I am normally prone to doing because my hair did not feel overly dry and as if it was going to break off if I ran my hands through it. Overall, I was really happy with how the spray performed and the hairstylist seemed excited about trying a product he had not used before and having it work so well. Sojourn’s Form Working Spray has officially been added to the “trusted” list.

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11 Responses to Hairspray Review: Sojourn Firm Hold Working Spray

  1. Amanda

    I need a new hair spray badly – I’ll take your word for it that this one does the trick 🙂

  2. Gail Lewis

    It does! I promise 🙂

  3. Gail S.

    I have been using this line for almost a year. I have celiac disease and this line is gluten free. I have been a hair dresser for 20+ years and I would highly recommend it to everyone!

  4. Shannon Nelson

    Gail S, that’s interesting. So when you have Celiac, you not only have to eat gluten-free, you also have to use gluten-free beauty products? I ask because I am working with a company called GlamNatural that makes gluten-free foundation and this would be good info. to know. Thanks!

  5. Gail S.

    Shannon- I found that the longer I was gluten free the more sensitive I became. I can not use hair products or soaps that have wheat in them. I did not have the reaction right away with beauty products but over time I developed skin issues on my face and on my hands. I work for Aveda and they use Shampure as the soap in the bathroom, after 9 months of working there the skin on my hands got really itchy and started to peel away under my finger nails and all around my fingers. It took me about of month of suffering to realize that it was the soap in the bathroom. It is amazing how careful you have to be.

  6. Shannon Nelson

    Wow, thanks for letting me know. I had no idea. My nephew is on a gluten-free diet for his Aspergers, I’ll have to let my sister know to also be on the lookout with his skin/hair care products.

  7. Shannon Nelson

    Hi Gail, another question for you–do you know of any online sites you could direct me to that has more information on the importance of gluten-free skin care products for people with Celiac Disease? Do any exist? Thanks!

  8. Gail Lewis

    I looked around and some a few articles on the Mayo Clinic’s website and came across a few blogs. There is one site;, Elisabeth Hasselbeck also has a book out called The G Free Diet that may have some info about Gluten Free beauty products.

  9. Shannon Nelson

    LOL–sorry I meant the Gail who had written about it in the comments. 😉 But thanks for the two websites!

  10. Desiree

    Gail, I also have Celiac. I have been thinking about going to school for hair. However, I am not sure if I would be able to do it due to gluten in some of the products. How do you do hair without being glutened? Is it a good idea to become a hairdresser if I have ceiliac? Thank you for your help.

  11. Tbekessy

    I would definitely recommend this hair spray , it is one of the nicest I’ve ever used. I like spray , to do a number of things, among them, it should be a “workable ” spray , which means it leaves your hair soft but you can still get a holding style. You can run your fingers through your hair without it sticking or feeling brittle etc etc. It also should smell pleasant , NOT over powering , simply pleasant . This spray does all those things for me. Probably why I can’t seem to find it , everyone is always out of the stuff…..:)

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