Sally Hansen Laced Up Salon Effects Nail Strips: A Christmas Story

Last week I made my twice weekly trek to CVS. (I practically live in the beauty aisle.) Since my nails have still not recovered from all of the Shellac manicures, and any polish I have put on them quickly chips, I decided to opt for some Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips (or stickers as my 7 year old calls them.) Since they were out of Misbehaved, which completely brings the fishnet stocking clad leg lamp from A Christmas Story to mind, I opted for Laced Up, which is similar with a fishnet design and black floral. I was so excited to try these polish strips, I probably could’ve shot someone’s eye out.

The reason I adore nail polish strips is because they are so super simple to apply. There’s, of course, no dry time and your nails look professionally done. My boyfriend even asked me, “When did you have time to go to the salon?” Ha! That said, I was happy with the outcome and snapped a pic by some vintage looking Christmas plates I bought from Rue La La for steal. I did not, however, go stick my tongue on a freezing pole.

However, my excitement only lasted 24 hours, as by the next morning, each of my nails were chipped at the top. I chalked it up to working on the computer all day, until I took a shower that evening and came out missing the strip on my pinky nail. Now, I know how to apply nail strips the proper way, so I was stumped as to why a strip would come off in such a short period of time. I quickly went to the pack of strips I had placed back in the package, only to find they had all dried out and would no longer stick. I complained about how stupid I would look with only 9 polish strips on when my boyfriend suggested that I apply a thin basecoat of clear polish and then place a strip on top of it so that it would stick. Genius boy! That worked and I was back to beautiful 10 finger manicure.

Over Twitter @CVSBeautyClub made the recommendation that I apply a top coat over the strips to make them last longer. At first, I did not heed their advice as I felt it defeated the purpose of using nail strips in the first place. However, by day 3 of wearing them, I noticed that the edges were beginning to turn upward lifting away from my nails and kept snagging on my clothes and hair. I got out my handy Zoya Armour top coat and brushed a thin coat over them and went about my day. That evening, before date night with my man, I jumped in the shower and again emerged with a strip missing, this time from my index finger. I had no other extra strips to use that would fit that finger so I opted not to replace it. By day 4, more strips popped off and I succumbed to the fact that I would just have to remove them all.

Sally Hansen’s site says the strips can last up until 10 days. I have found this to be true of other strips I have used like Avon’s Instant Manicure (do they still sell these?) and Incoco’s Nail Applique (although Nail Fraud’s Nail Decals also didn’t last long.) But sorry, Sally, not yours. This is disappointing, as I really loved the designs and want so badly to have nice manicured nails again. Have you used Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Nail Strips? How did they work for you?

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7 Responses to Sally Hansen Laced Up Salon Effects Nail Strips: A Christmas Story

  1. Sarah Bellum

    Thanks for the entertaining references to A Christmas Story, that movie is SO funny! Did you hear they’re making it into a musical?

  2. Shannon Nelson

    Hi Sarah, no I didn’t hear that…but when looking for pictures of that infamous leg lamp to post in this, I did see what looked like a play version of the movie. Seems they are taking all great movies and making them into musicals lately!

  3. Angela

    I use the Sally Hanson nail strips all the time. I’ve also tried Broadway and Incoco, but Sally Hanson are easiest to put on and they have more designs, though Incoco has some beautiful ones. I’m a bartender at a craft beer bar, so I am really rough on nail polish. No manicure with regular polish lasts more than a couple days on me.

    I’ve found that with nailthe strips, you have to make sure you use a couple tricks, but they wont come off at all if you do this:
    -make sure your nails are very clean, I use Zoya nail polish remover to clean them.
    – touch the backs of the strips as little as possible and adjust them as little as possible. Once on, smooth them on firmly to get rid of any bubbles and really make them stick.
    – I swear by Sally Hanson Diamond Strength Hardener as a topcoat. Also apply a swipe to the end and under your nail tips for extra durability.

    I may have a few small chips by the end of a week, but I’m usually removing the strips because my nails have grown out, not because too much polish has chipped.

  4. Shannon Nelson

    Angela, I’m seriously going to take your advice and give it another shot following your tips. Thanks!

  5. Whit

    I agree with Angela. I’ve used the nail strips four times (my friend convinced me to try them and after seeing her “Laced Up” nails, I agreed.

    I’m sorry you didn’t have that great of an experience — I adore the polish strips. I’ve used (and I apologize, the names don’t come to mind), the pink sparkles, multi colored sparkes, halloween cobwebs and black/white flowers. Each time I followed the instructions to a T and my friend told me the most important step is really to use nail polish remover immediately before applying. I try very hard to not touch the ‘back’ side of the strips and when I put them on, I push freakishly hard on the strips and concentrate on the tips of my nails.

    I’ll then fully fold over the excess strip almost to the underneath side of my nail and keep pressing. This usually enough to detach the excess strip but I’ll then use the nail file provided on the small bits that did not detach. I do not use a topcoat.

    Other than very minor and small chips, they were wonderful. The only reason I removed them was my nail began to grow out. I’ll typically keep them on for a full week and a half.

    One thing I did screw up: When I did the multicolored sparkle strips, I ‘stretched’ one of them too much upon application and there was a small gap of sparkles on that nail. I could have removed it and started again but the sparkles are a nightmare to remove with remover (the one down-side) so I filled it in with a sparkley nail polish color I already had. Amazingly, that worked.

    I’d give it another shot — maybe you had a “bad batch”?

  6. Shannon Nelson

    Hi Whit, I took Angela’s advice last week and tried them again using the tips she gave in the comments. But unfortunately, the same thing happened and actually, they remained on my nails even less. I believe they came off within 6 hours, even using a top coat, etc. :(

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