DIY Pineapple Strawberry Enzyme Facial Mask

DIY Pineapple and Strawberry Enzyme Pulp Mask #beauty

I’ve been longing for a juicer for a really long time and finally got one.  Now I know a ton of people who have visions of daily juice-fests, they envision the vast varieties of fruits and veggie juice they’ll produce on a daily basis…then a month goes by and the juicer ends up in the back of some kitchen cabinet only to see the light of day the next time its owners are struck by another health kick.  I knew I would not be one of those people and so far I have not been.  I juice just about everyday and store jugs of juice for the days when I get too busy to whip out my new best friend, Jack Lalanne.  The only issue I’ve encountered so far with juicing has been what to do with the pulp of the fruits and veggies I am juicing.  I always feel like I am wasting good stuff that I should be finding some use for.

My very helpful boyfriend tried to use the pulp of a few juiced veggies to make a veggie patty, but I could barely look at his attempt at a veggie patty without gagging– eating it was not an option. His attempts at veggie patty making did, however, give me a great idea.  Fruit enzyme facial masks and peels are EVERYWHERE these days, I’ve used a few and loved the results so why not make my very own facial mask with the leftover fruit pulp from juicing?

My first DIY fruit enzyme facial mask was a combination of pineapple and strawberry pulp from my juice of the same combination.  I have to admit when I first laid eyes on the pulp I was a bit grossed out…it did not look very appealing, it did smell great though.  Just 30 seconds after applying the mask I felt a bit of a tingling sensation, this lasted only for about a minute.  I left the mask on for ten minutes then rinsed and was I in for a pleasant surprise.  My skin actually looked brighter and felt smoother. The mask can get a bit messy so it’s best to not walk around too much after applying it unless you want pieces of pineapple and strawberry pulp all over your floor.  I definitely plan on trying a few more DIY facial masks in the near future.  I noticed that Sephora is carrying a Black/Blueberry Enzyme Mask and both fruits just happen to be residing in my refrigerator at this very minute…

Have you created DIY facial masks from your juicer? Share your recipes with me so that I can give them a try!

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7 Responses to DIY Pineapple Strawberry Enzyme Facial Mask

  1. tiffany lahn

    Great tip!! I always feel so guilty throwing away the pulp. I will definatly be trying this! Oh, and btw, the best use I’ve found for the veggie pulp is to add it to a can of Amy’s Organics Soup.

  2. Gail Lewis

    Ohhhhh, that’s a great ida, I LOVE Amy’s!

  3. Mirandajen27

    Awesome tips! I must try this! 🙂
    I would like to ask you for your opinion on this.
    Ive seen this tutorial on Youtube and ive tried myself and LOVED it, but im worried that it may not be safe.

    melt the aspirin by adding a drop of water to it. then add the honey and mix it. add it to your face as a scrub and leave on for 20 minutes. after you wash off the skin feels alive and rejuvenated. I use it monthly, but what do you think?
    could the aspirin affect me in one way??

  4. Shannon Nelson

    Miranda, I’ll ask celebrity skin care expert, Renee Rouleau, to weigh in and see what she says about putting aspirin on your face like that.

  5. Abbey Strine

    This is an awesome idea! I never thought of it before. I could come up with so many different combinations.Thanks:)

  6. Shannon Nelson

    Hi Miranda, I asked Renee Rouleau and here is what she said: Since aspirin is an FDA approved drug, you never want to use it for anything other than what it is FDA approved to do. I personally would not suggest using this. Anything that is applied topically is absorbed into the skin.

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