VITACARE Teeth Whitening Vitamin-Infused Toothpaste & Gum

VITACARE Whitening Gum

I bet this is something you’ve never thought twice about: brushing your teeth. It’s something that’s necessary, something that’s just part of your mundane routine each day. I know I personally never really thought too much about toothpaste, just as long as it promised to help whiten my teeth, that was good enough for me. Toothpaste was not a “stand out” product on my bathroom counter. There was no “spreading the word” when it came to the brand I used. Toothpaste was just toothpaste…and so was gum.

Until I was told about VITACARE and began working with them. And then began using their toothpaste and gum…which led to my kids wanting to using it, and my boyfriend and then I told my sister and her whole family loved it too.

First of all, have you ever had Key Lime toothpaste? Or Pomegranate? Or Acai? Forever I just assumed that mint was the ONLY flavor toothpaste came in. Yes, VITACARE’s toothpaste does contain mint, but it also has the 3 aforementioned superfruits as well. Their toothpaste, gum (and they have mouthwash too) are all vitamin-infused with A, C, D, E and Calcium. Heck, if you’re wearing lip gloss (which we ingest 3lbs of each day) why not brush with a toothpaste that gives us a healthy dose of vitamins while cleaning our teeth? Of course, that shouldn’t be considered a substitute for your daily vitamin, but if you chew 10 pieces of their gum (which come in all the same flavors) for 15 minutes a day, it does give you the recommended daily allowance. (And to avoid overeating lately, I totally have switched to chewing gum to take away the craving.)

And I mentioned in the beginning of this review that teeth whitening was all that mattered with me when it came to toothpaste. Well, VITACARE has that to They are also eco-friendly, gluten-free and don’t contain sulfates.

Definitely give them a try, and if you are anything like me, I bet you’ll soon find  yourself telling people about the kind of toothpaste you use. It’s really that good.

Find them at Whole Foods, Village Apothecary, Ricky’s NYC, and via their website Have you tried VITACARE? Let me know in in the comments!
Twitter: @VITCAREworld

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3 Responses to VITACARE Teeth Whitening Vitamin-Infused Toothpaste & Gum

  1. Rachael @ Holistically Haute

    I’m always looking for new natural toothpastes to try…especially sulfate-free ones that actually work! I’ll have to give it a whirl…

  2. Shannon Nelson

    Rachael, it is honestly so good! It’s also free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals and artificial flavors. I know those things are important to you. :)

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