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As a beauty lover, I’ve been to a good amount of spas. There are the boujis, “better than you” spas, the super-busy “get your facial and get out” spas, and your standard but efficient salon/spa combination. Once in awhile, however, a girl is lucky enough to come across a spa or treatment that is a true standout, one that makes her feel special, relaxed, at peace. For me, that spa was Sphatika in NYC.

A tranquil oasis conveniently tucked behind a Starbucks in Columbus Circle, Sphatika is a truly a hidden gem.

Sphatika takes a holistic, sensory approach to the entire spa experience. All spas are meant to make you feel beautiful, but Sphatika places a very special emphasis on treating the whole you “mind, body, and soul.” Their welcoming staff encourages you to create an intention for your visit, one that you have a chance to reflect upon during your personal sauna that kicks off your treatment session.  

My aesthetician, Katie*, greeted me after my sauna and began my facial treatment, where I was introduced to the incredible Spahtika products: toners, moisturizers, exfoliants all infused with high-quality minerals and natural ingredients. After a bit of chit-chatting, Katie told me about one of their most popular treatments: an oxygen facial. She was kind enough to let me sample the service and ohmygosh is it the most refreshing thing you will ever experience. It’s an especially nice skin treat after being exposed to the NYC smog day in and day out.

Katie was the ultimate aesthetician. Aside from her immediate kindness, she demonstrated an overwhelming product knowledge and it was crystal clear that she didn’t just have a job at Sphatika – it was her passion. In my opinion, that’s all you can ask for and the rest of the Sphatika staff seemed to share in her knowledge and warm demeanor as well.

As for the specific lotions and toners I received during my treatment, each product is so special and powerful that I felt it would be an injustice to lump a brief description into this post – so be on the lookout for an upcoming reviewing Sphatika’s incredible line of products shortly.

If you’re feeling like you need some “me” time, you have to visit Spahtika. After having my car towed, losing my keys, various health problems, and an overall crummy week; Sphatika was just the place for me to rejuvenate and de-stress. Trust me – you will love it there.

My Sphatika Experience!

*EDITORS NOTE: Katie is quite the impressive woman! Not only is she a skincare expert, she is also a certified nutrition coach. Check out her blog here.


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