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The benefits of grape seed extract aren’t disputed–it is an amazing antioxidant for your skin. More and more beauty brands have incorporated it into their must-have ingredients to deliver amazing results. Caudalie Vinotherapie collection of products are a testimony to that. I received their Crushed Cabernet Scrub, Nourishing Body Lotion, Moisturizing Cream-Mask and Beauty Elixir to review and as the picture I took shows–it was sent from the heavens.

Being a scrub girl, my favorite product among them all was the Crushed Cabernet Scrub. It is a bit more abrasive than I am used to containing course, crushed grape seed granules, but the thick consistency of the brown sugar-honey-grape seed oil, as well as 6 other essential oils, makes this one scrub that will hydrate as it exfoliates. Caudalie states that this product is also great for fighting cellulite with its 6 organic essential oils…but I haven’t noticed any evidence of that. Although your skin will look healthy. The scent of this scrub is heavenly, by the way.  

The Vinosource Moisturizing Cream-Mask goes on like a creamy, thick moisturizer. I had to give the bottle a second look when applying it because I thought I mistook the mask as a day cream. You leave this mask on your face in a thick layer for about 15 minutes and then rinse. The fragrance is light…but also smells like moisturizer. The trickery! It really played tricks on my mind. But, it felt amazing on my skin and was a great product to use in the winter when my skin was so dry.

The Nourishing Body Lotion at first smells like men’s cologne (I want to say Cool Water), but then once the lotion meets your skin’s own unique chemistry, the scent changes. It soon reminded me of when I first discovered Garden Botanika at 13 and they had their line of seaweed products.  It transforms into this very clean, very spa-like fragrance. (I’m seriously smelling the bottle as we speak with my eyes closed and sooo relaxed…but I need to type…) It is a thin consistency and comprised of grape seed oil, sesame oil, gingko biloba, as well as grape seed polyphenols. The lotion isn’t at all greasy.

The Beauty Elixir is more of a makeup refresher and stabilizer; much like other spritz’s out there aimed to produce a dose of hydration to your skin and keep your makeup intact throughout the day. The scent is unique with mint, rose, orange blossom and grape.

Have you tried any of these Caudalie skin care products? 


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