imPress Press-On Manicure Review

A long time ago I used to have my nails done with wraps, until one day while working at my day job with kids I almost lost a nail during a kickball game. I wound up in the ER and thankfully didn’t lose my nail entirely. From that point on, I only used polish or nail strips. But last week while making my weekly jaunt to CVS, I came across imPRESS Press-On Manicure. The packaging is what caught my attention. The nails come in what appears to be a nail polish bottle. (It’s not really a bottle though.) When I was little I tried Lee Press-On Nails and remembered how they would pop off all the time (and you had to put superglue on your nails.) imPRESS’ display stated they were different, so I scooped up “Shout” and decided to try it out.  

imPress Press-On Manicure comes with 20 nails. What I found interesting is that 10 had one design and the other 10 had a similar,
but different design (as seen in the picture to the left.) I didn’t notice this until the nails were already on. On the back of each nail is a clear strip and under that, attached to the nail itself, is the adhesive. Think of it like that adhesive from 3M that is strong enough to stick to the wall and hold stuff, but then comes off easily when you want it to. You just remove the clear strip and then press the nail onto your own nail. It’s that easy!

It only took me about 5 minutes (or less) to put the nails on. For the most part, they all fit perfectly on my nails. The ones that were a little off weren’t really noticeable, but better yet, the fake nail itself stuck like glue, so there was no lifting. I wore these nails for the taping of 3 of my PA Live segments (and everyone commented that they looked great.) I wore them to my cousin’s wedding, to the beach and all this week. As of today, they’ve been on for 8 days.

I’ve only encountered an issue with my left index finger. The day after applying imPRESS, I did my Continuous Results video and when demo’ing the product, it got under my nail. I guess the Retinol made the adhesive loose its grip and it came off. I cleaned my nail, pressed on another nail and that one popped off and wouldn’t stick. I had to wipe my nail down with nail polish remover and let it air dry a bit before trying again and this time was successful in getting it to stick. A few days later, that nail came off again, so I had to re-apply another. Other than that, these nails have been very strong and put up with my relentless tapping on my keyboard.

They do show signs of wear after a week. My right thumb shows the most prominent wear and where the polish has come off, the plastic nail is now soft and bendable. Due to using the computer for work all the time, the polish is off on all of my tips now. imPRESS is only supposed to last a week anyway, so I’m not disappointed.

imPRESS Press-On Manicure has 36 different styles to choose from and at about $8 for 20, it is well worth the money for salon-looking results. Have you tried them?


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4 Responses to imPress Press-On Manicure Review

  1. Jessie of

    I tried them and LOVE them, although I’m not a big of fake nails. I love the variety of patterns and did you see they have them for your toe nails too!?! I don’t know about if I’d wear fake toenails 🙂

  2. Shannon Nelson

    I did see the press-on toe nails…but I think those are only doable if you have flat nail beds. I know they wouldn’t work for me. I did try a different brand a long time ago that had press ons for toes, but they just kept popping off.

  3. Reena

    I haven’t tried this product, but for sure I want to give this a try. Because I want my nails to get a break from nail polishes and maintain the style.

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