Kiss Nail Dress Jeweled Strips Review

After a (major) failed attempt at nail art the other day, I ventured back out to my local CVS to look for more imPRESS Nails to wear. While in the beauty aisle, I came across Kiss’ new Nail Dress jeweled nail strips. Besides being bedazzled with some bling, the package contained enough strips for both a manicure AND pedicure. I was sold! The strips I chose are called Princess, although they look more like a Tigress (in my opinion.)

To apply these nails strips here’s the supplies you’ll need:

Cotton pad and nail polish remover
A heavy duty nail file (the one that comes with it, just won’t do!)
Small nail clippers
Small sewing scissors
1 Advil
Someone to give you a massage

The kit comes with 28 strips and a nail file that is a file on one side and a buffer on the other.  To use strips on your fingers, apply the rounded side close to your cuticle. When applying to toes, use the square side nearest the cuticle. I found that the strips didn’t really vary much in size. Almost every strip was a little too big for my nails and toes. I decided to start with my toes first, and began by only using the file that came with the kit. By toe #2, I realized it wasn’t cutting it (literally.) 

You’re supposed to fold the strip over your nail and then file the tip so that the excess strip comes off. These strips are not like your usual paper thin nail strips. They’re thick and very strong. I had to really go at my nail just to get the file to work its way through (like sawing lumber!) So I got out my sewing scissors to cut as close to the top of the nail that I could and then used a heavy duty file from another nail kit I have to remove the excess. For the portion of the strip that overlapped onto the sides of my skin, I used small nail clippers to trim them. I have on rouge toenail that just wouldn’t let a strip adhere, so after 9 strips down, my back was in agony from bending over for so long trying to apply them. (That’s where the Advil came in, as well as the massage.)

Next I moved to my fingers, and used the same techniques with my sewing scissors, nail file and nail clippers. All together between fingers and toes, it took me about 45 minutes. Seriously.

However…. I LOVED how they looked. I’ve had them on for about 3 days now and only 1 strip is beginning to lift (wear time is supposed to be 10 days.) I’ve gotten a lot of compliments and it really is so cool to have bling-worthy nail art for a mani and pedi at just $8 for the box. So was it worth it? I may skip the jeweled ones next time and just try their regular strips. Have you tried them?

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  1. Sue Lin

    I love the look of these and the fact that they have bling. It looked good while it lasted.

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