Charlotte Ronson All You Need Eye Shadow Palette in Lake

Every time I venture into a Sephora, I always stop to look at the Charlotte Ronson display. I always find it interesting when a fashion designer branches out into cosmetics. Her packaging and colors give off a fun whimsical vibe that appeals to me.

Inspired by her friends and family, the line takes direction from the different looks and lifestyles of her inner circle: there’s multi-tonal eye shadow palette for Nicole Richie; a weightless nonstick gloss for her DJ sister Samantha; a luminous light filtering powder for Rashida Jones. The entire collection is designed around her muses—their different routines and diverse beauty—appealing to a wide range of women who want to look pretty on-the-go, without trying too hard. Every product seamlessly transitions from day to night, and is especially portable and easy to use. Plus, the formulas are infused with light-adjusting technology so you look flawlessly radiant in every cast of light—no matter what spotlight you find yourself under.

What caught my attention this time was the All You Need Eye Shadow palette in Lake. I wonder who this is named after? Lake Bell? Ricki Lake? Anywho, I found the color combination and mix of matte and shimmer shades in this palette quite unique. The shades are:  

  • a matte medium orange
  • a soft shimmery pale pink
  • a cool golden taupe
  • a matte periwinkle blue

I used the pink shade on the brow bone and inner corner of eye, the orange shade on the lid with the taupe shade layered on top and the periwinkle blue in the crease. The orange shade is quite pigmented and I was a bit heavy handed, that’s why I layered the taupe over it. I really liked the result.  Most of the shades are quite pigmented with the exception of the blue shade. It looks deep and rich in the palette but applies VERY sheer. The others are soft and easy to work with but the blue shades is a bit chalky and difficult to apply. I also found the eye shadows faded rather quickly on my eyes. After a mere 3 hours they had faded considerably virtually erasing my original creation. Admittedly I didn’t use a primer so I’m sure that would make a difference, although in doing a bit of research, the fading seems to be issue with a lot of people even with a primer.

Honestly, I probably won’t get a lot of use from this palette. It doesn’t break my heart though, it was only $22 and it hasn’t  dissuaded me from trying Charlotte Ronson again. I think for some reason this palette isn’t up to her usual standards.

Have you tried anything from the Charlotte Ronson line? 

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