Eco-Beauty by La Fresh 100% Natural Massage Oils

Massages after a long day or after a few hours at the gym are just heaven. And just pure bliss if the massage oil being used is therapeutic and smells divine. EcoBeauty® by La Fresh have some amazing massage oils and I was lucky enough to be sent bottles of their Energize and Detox massage oils to use.

100% natural, these oils are a blend of olive, grape seed, jojoba, sesame and vitamin E; there is Chinese lemongrass essential oil for Detox and essential oil of Italian orange for Energize. Both smell heavenly! As a masseur wasn’t readily available to me, I used the Energize oil after a shower and yes, Energize it does! The orange aroma is invigorating and leaves a light refreshing scent on your skin that makes me sniff myself (not a good look in public), several times a day. I love that each bottle has a dropper so it’s easy to get the right amount of oil. These oils are so versatile; they can also be used in a diffuser or in your bath…

The Detox oil I’ve used in a bath (went a bit nuts and used a whole dropper), but you can use as much or as little as you want, the scent does not overpower. Just lay there for a good twenty minutes, inhaling and exhaling deeply ever so often, close your eyes and relax. You’ll start to feel like a new person until someone knocks on the bathroom door yelling and asking if you’re done detoxifying yet.

At $18.00, each bottle is 4 lovely ounces and besides Energize and Detox, there are Arouse, Relax and Soothe. So go ahead and treat your inner goddess to one of these delights, just remember to shake well before using so that the oils all come together for your enjoyment.

Please visit  to partake in their products. Have you used these oils?

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