Freeze 24/7 ArcticLift Firming Neck Cream Review

I’ve had good experiences with Freeze 24-7 products in the past (Freeze & Go), so when I heard about their new ArcticLift Firming Neck Cream, I knew I had to try it. Not only have I been dealing with my facial skin sagging and new wrinkles emerging every day (at least it seems that way), my neck has begun to resemble that of a rooster.

ArcticLift targets slacking skin and firms, tightens and lifts it. Not only was I told that I would see immediate visible results, but that it has a cumulative effect with results continuing to improve over time. I was slightly skeptical because I have yet to use a firming neck cream that actually works. But pictures don’t lie…

While I couldn’t quite get both pictures exactly the same, I think it’s pretty clear that the skin near my mole is no longer sagging. Under my chin, I no longer have a double chin. Even my neck looks tighter overall making it look thinner. I promise you, there are no camera tricks or photoshopping here! I was just as amazed as you probably are. I honestly wanted to go find all of my aging girlfriends and scream, “Buy this now!

The key ingredients are:

Rejuvelle: cactus pectin with water binding properties that hydrate and fill your sagging neck skin.
Rye Seed Extract: increases skin tone and tension.
Polylift: a biopolymer of sweet almond protein that firms, smoothes and lifts the skin.
Toniskin: yeast extract that improves the appearance of deep wrinkles, smoothing them out.

This cream is rich, as pictured above, but absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy or have any weird scent. You can use this product daily. But one thing to keep in mind, it is not a moisturizer–it’s a neck cream, so be sure to still use moisturizer when using this product. I have finally found my Holy Grail neck cream and it’s cheaper than plastic surgery at $95! Have you tried it? Did you see immediate results?

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3 Responses to Freeze 24/7 ArcticLift Firming Neck Cream Review

  1. phyllis christiansen

    This neck cream is absolutely what FREEZE 24/7 promises. It tightens the contours of the neck and moisturizes very nicely. I was amazed after first my first use and each day the results improved. I love it and won’t be without it.

  2. Shannon Nelson

    So glad it worked for you too! I absolutely love it!

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