Nail Art Tutorial: Hot Pink Nail Tips with Essie

More times than not, I fail at nail art. Thank goodness for Pinterest and finding plenty of DIY nail art tutorials. Without much time (or patience) to intricate details, I discovered a super easy way to give myself a French manicure of sorts. I love the colored nail tip trend and since I’m loving the new Essie hot pink color, Off the Shoulder, that I received in a Klout Perk, I decided to go with that. 

I used painter’s tape to help me achieve this look because I find it to be easy to apply because it’s not super sticky, and easy to remove for the same reason. I simply cut 10 little strips and applied them across my nail under the tip. I didn’t use a basecoat, but I probably should have (again, it was because I lacked time and patience mostly!)  I applied two coats of my Essie polish and then removed the tape. I then applied a thin coat of Zoya Armour topcoat and Zoya Hurry Up! for quick drying. And voila! A super cute mani. It only lasted 4 days until the pink began to chip, but I still loved the look while it lasted!

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*Disclosure: Klout perk, affiliate link

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  1. Sue Lin

    Such a cute and doable mani. It’s strange but I actually dreamt of this after reading your post. Maybe it’s a sign that I should try it lol.

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