Review: Nails, Inc. Neon and Nude Collection

I’m always on the hunt for new nail polish options, and though I’ve become a self-proclaimed slave to Essie as of late, I’ll still venture outside once in a while to try something new.

U.K.-based Nails, Inc. is a polish legacy, so I was immediately game to test out their products. Their Neon and Nude collection did not disappoint – the color selection was so on-trend and perfect for mixing and matching.

Part of the fun is what the varnish is actually called, too… with names like Notting Hill Gate and Portobello (my absolute favorite London marketplace), my inner travel bug was just dying with excitement. 

The colors went on smoothly and dried quickly – for the most part, they remained vivid and were true to the bottle color after only one to two coats.  I did notice that the brighter colors chipped much faster than the muted tones, so as always I highly recommend using your best base and top coats to seal in the color and make sure your mani lasts as long as it should.

What I love most about Nails Inc. is that you’re not bound to any set of colors. If these particular shades don’t really speak to you, Nails Inc.’s Pick and Mix option lets you choose the number of polishes and shades you’d like. It’s the ultimate in customization, and makes for an amazing personalized gift for you or a friend.


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