Microbamboo Cleansing/Exfoliating Cloth

I have decided that this is the only wash cloth I am ever using…strong words I know but it is THAT amazing.  This cloth was suggested to me after getting eyelash extensions as a part of my lash care routine.  After getting eyelash extensions, you have to be really careful with your lashes and cannot get them wet 24-48 hours after having the extensions applied and a wash cloth is the best way to clean the face without getting your lashes soaked.  What peaked my interest with this cloth is that it is a Microbamboo Cleansing/Exfoliating Cloth, which is a fusion of  Microfiber and Bamboo-Charcoal. Bamboo-Charcoal is made by heating bamboo at a temperature of 1000°C, and then grounding it into nano-particles to combine with filament yarn.  The benefits of Microbamboo are: ultra-plush, velvety-soft, and super-absorbent, yet lightweight and durable cleansing cloth.  

The cloth cannot only be combined with whatever facial cleanser you normally use to deep clean your pores, but can also be used to remove makeup or hair dye from hairline with just water or can also be used dry to exfoliate before facials.  I like to exfoliate my face with it dry about twice a week, then wet the cloth and use it with my foaming cleanser at night or leave it dry and apply my cream cleanser in the morning.  It does not irritate my skin at all and I LOVE how well is exfoliates.  It is also machine washable and dryable, so super easy to clean.

The only negative I’ve experienced with this product…as with most of my beloved beauty products…is that my boyfriend thinks it’s ok to use it whenever he wants to clean his face as well…you would think at only $5 a pop he would go get his own….MEN!

Have you used this?

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