No-Crease Bow Clip from Ricky’s NYC

One of the many disadvantages of dating a hairstylist is that you tend to become a lab rat for new hair products, techniques and other miscellaneous hair stuff.  Imagine the absolute horror of experiencing a cream bath for my hair (scalp, neck and shoulder massage included)…oh the torture! Or having to sit there and get a professional blow out so that said boyfriend can try out his brand spanking new blowdryer, so rough.  Okay you get the point, dating a hairstylist definitely has its perks.  One of which is learning about…and borrowing a few insider tricks and tips.  The latest tip I  borrowed was the usage of a pair of absolutely adorbale No-Crease Bow Clips from Ricky’s NYC

These clips are supposed  to be perfect for holding down flyaway hair while putting on makeup, okay I know you’re thinking that you could probably do that with any old clip.  But these clips do not leave creases or dents in your hair, which means that you won’t have to worry about ruining your perfectly flat ironed hair during your makeup application.  I have shorter layers around my face and these keep them out of the way without me having to go back and smooth those layers with a flat or curling iron.  I can guarantee they would also be great for keeping bangs out of the way without leaving those weird dents.  The clips come different colors and designs but I especially LOVE the pastel bow clips, they’re really cute and at $4.99 for a multi-pack I should definitely order some of my own…but I’ll just keep the pair I “borrowed” from my boyfriend’s hair kit, I think it’s fair trade since he just loves to “borrow” my beauty products…Have you tried these bow clips?


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