Brows Gone Wow Tinted Brow Gel Review

For a long time I ignored my brows as part of my beauty routine. I really didn’t believe that filling them in or adding any color could have an effect on the overall look of my face. I simply thought tweezing (or sometimes waxing) them was enough. Have you ever felt that way? 

Then slowly, I began to treat my brows like the rest of my face and paid special attention to them. As I’ve gotten older, it seems my brows have gotten sparser in some areas, making filling in a necessity. As you can see in my before picture, my brows are not only sparse in the upper right hand corner, they are also more blonde than brown, making it look like a section of my brow is missing. Oh old age, you’ve gotta love it.

Gail Schneider recently contacted me to let me know that she had opened two brow salons (WowBrows) in South Florida with her sister. If you’ve been reading A Girl’s Gotta Spa! for a while, you may remember Gail from my mention of her back in 2008 for her fashion designs. Aside from her brow services, she also had a tinted brow gel she wanted me to try out. I was definitely game.

Brows Gone Wow comes in 3 tints: blonde, brunette and auburn. I like that the gel holds your brows in place, as you can see from my before and after picture…at first the hairs were facing downwards, but then I was able to brush them upwards, which made my eyes appear more open.  I definitely loved that the color was not overpowering or bold, it matched my hair color perfectly and gave my brows only a slightly darker coloring. It also filled in the blonde area perfectly. Don’t apply Brows Gone Wow like mascara…even though you will be so tempted to since the applicator is like a mini mascara wand! Use only the tip of the wand to brush on the gel. The bottle is on the small side, but with brows, you don’t use a lot of product, so it lasts a while.

The Tinted Brow Gel is $22, and unfortunately you can’t order online yet, but you can call their shop and place your order (shipping is free!) Have you tried Brows Gone Wow yet?

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