Essence Quattro Eyeshadow Palette Review

Few things in this world are as dear to me as a good eyeshadow palette. Seriously.  With the right four colors, you can create almost any look in under five minutes, dialing up or down the drama as needed with only a few swipes of shadow.

Needless to say, I’m super excited to add Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in Over the Taupe to my  makeup collection. Note only is the color palette exactly what I needed for fall, the textures ranged from matte to a light shimmer  – an ideal mix for totally customized look.

I decided to test out a simply smoky eye. The colors blend easily, and the four complimentary shades make the process absolutely flawless!  I’ll walk you through my process: 

  1. Apply the base – I made a blend of the two lightest colors and applied in one even swipe of the fingertip.
  2. Choose the second darkest shade for the lid crease, applying in a sweeping motion and concentrating on the outer corners of the eye.
  3. Apply the darkest shade to the outer corners of the eye, blending out and up.  When it comes to the perfect smoky eye, blending is your BFF!
  4. Finish up with a bit of liner and a swipe of the lightest shade to highlight the brow.

If the smoky eye isn’t your style, Essence Quattro comes in a variety of other color combinations, too.  Check them out on!


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