Freeze 24-7 Instant Targeted Wrinkle Treatment Review

It’s true that I’ll never resort to Botox… but I never said I don’t mind aging gracefully with a little help!

I’ve been using several of Freeze 24/7’s anti-aging products as of late. The love affair began with Freeze & Go some time ago, then their ArcticLift Firming Neck Cream and now their Instant Targeted Wrinkle Cream ($65). I’m also using their Skin Glace and Eyecing with those reviews pending. Of course, I can preliminarily tell you that they indeed WORK.

Keywords: Instant gratification.

I speak from experience when I say that I’m among the majority who want to see results right away. Whether it’s weight loss, beauty products or even when I tell my kids to clean their rooms, I want to see change pretty quickly. While I’m still working on my kids cleaning their rooms as soon as I tell them too, I am definitely happy with the immediate effects I see from using Freeze 24/7 products.

Check out my before and after pics: 


 I took the after picture about 5 minutes after applying this wrinkle cream. While the wrinkles are not entirely gone (of course), you can see that they softened and minimized in appearance. Especially the fine lines. Even that crease between my eyebrows is not as pronounced. I am so happy with the results!

Instant Targeted Wrinkle Treatment is not a moisturizer, so you don’t apply it over your entire face. You simply massage it into the wrinkles you are looking to target and watch it go to work. The texture is greaseless, in fact, it’s almost a “dry” cream. You barely use any to get the desired results, so this .35 ounce jar lasts a very long time. Have you tried it?

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