Lip Balm Review: Infinity Sun Avance Balme

Lip balms are a must in my daily beauty routine. Regardless if I’m relaxing at home or heading out, I always make sure my lips are moisturized and protected. A lip balm for me must moisturize without feeling heavy and oily on my lips. Even better if it has SPF.

Infinity Sun Avance Balme lip care is a blend of the finest certified organic ingredients, including Organic Beeswax, Organic Vitamin E, Organic Essential Oils, Organic Rosemary Extract and Organic Calendula  to soothe and heal chapped lips, keeping the lips moist, soft, and supple. And to top it off, all four flavors – Citrus, Coconut, Spearmint & Vanilla Bean, have SPF15. 

I received all four lip balms and did the only thing I could; tried them all right away, one after the next. My favorite just happens to be the Vanilla Bean (and a perfect warm and inviting scent for the colder months.) Don’t let the food names fool you; these balms are moisturizing without being heavy and overly scented and my lips stay moisturized for a very long time! They’re softer, supple and I like that the ingredients are natural and organic.

Even adding color on top does not take away the moisturizing benefits. I use them all day and definitely before heading out as even lips need some sun protected TLC. Unlike some lip balms where you’re applying at least every half hour, these you can go a very long time in between reapplying. These balms are also wallet friendly; for the sampler, which includes all four flavors it’s only $13.96! Infinity Sun is sold at and

Happy shopping!


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