Mally Beauty Perfois Pink Lip Kit Review

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Confession time beauties, I kind of have a girl crush on Mally Roncal. She is so delightful! Pretty, vivacious, a fabulous makeup artist, a Mega-Star in the cosmetics world and yet so down to earth I can actually tweet with her! How does the woman have time to interact with her customers, fans, work on her celebrity clients, work fashion week, and host on QVC? Sorry, I don’t the have to that, but Mally has the answer to the Perfect Pink Lip or as she calls it “The Perfois Pink” lip. If you’ve ever seen her on QVC you know she adds a “ois” or “wah” to just about everything–she’s so damn cute!

Everyone knows Mally loves a great pink lip. Sometimes it’s hard to pick just one, and sometimes picking the wrong shade can dull the entire face. Mally has made it so easy with these customized pink shades. With a range of shades to choose from in the same family, the perfect tone can be found. 

The kit includes an Evercolor Shaper Lipliner,  an Evercolor Satin Lipstick and a High Shine Liquid Lipstick in your choice of three shades:

  • Classic Pink: includes warm pink shades
  • Soft Pink: includes nude pink shades
  • Bright Pink: includes cool pink shades

I’ve always like the idea of a trio of lip products to really keep your lipstick in place all day and for a very polished look, but it’s just been too expensive for me. Mally’s Perfois Pink Lip Kit is only $30 for all three products! Most of my lispticks are more than $30!

Here is the way Mally says to use this trio:

  •  Apply Evercolor Satin Lipstick to your entire mouth. This velvety smooth formula is going to glide on and make your lips look supple and fresh.
  • Then, line your lips with the Evercolor Shaping Lip Liner, a bulletproof automatic lip pencil. No need to sharpen–it’s super quick and easy. Don’t be afraid to connect the cupid’s bow of the lips, which is Mally’s trick to creating a fuller-looking pout in seconds.
  • For the final step, take the High Shine Liquid Lipstick in the perfect coordinating shade and apply over the lipstick. This creates the most incredible shine and fullness.

I was sent the Soft Pink trio to test. I had only tried Mally’s liquid lipsticks before, not the lipstick or lip liner. Well, as usual I didn’t read the directions so I applied the lip liner first, and filled in my lips with it, then applied the lipstick, then the gloss. I liked the result but wished I had put a clear lip balm under the liner because it is a bit dry. After that experiment, I tried it the Mally way and was much more pleased. Soft Pink is a nude neutral pink. I have a lot of trouble with nude lip colors because I’m pale complected and have very little pigment in my lips. Soft pink works for me! I love, love,  love Mally’s Liquid Lipsticks and her lipsticks, but for me, the Evercolor Lip Liner is a miss. Regardless, this is great buy and I would recommend it–just make sure to prep your lips with a balm first.

Have you tried any of Mally Beauty’s products?


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