Metropolis Honeysuckle and Violet Vegan Soap and Sugar Scrub Review

Metropolis Soap Co.’s Honeysuckle and Violet Collection is a 100% vegan skin care line that features organic honeysuckle and organic violet leaf, both which are incredibly antioxidant-rich. The collection is scented with a citrus vanilla blend of Balsam of Peru and Bergamot essential oils. The collection includes an artisan soap, herbal spa soak, exfoliating scrub, and mini gift set of the three. I had the opportunity to review both the soap and sugar scrub. 

Honeysuckle and Violet Vegan Artisan Soap: The only way I can describe this scent, is that it smells like I walked into a spa. Do you know that herbal fragrance that fills your senses when you walk through the doors of your favorite spa? This is that scent. With this soap I loved that even though it contained bits that would exfoliate your skin, it seemed to only be on one side of the soap. That way I could interchangeably use the smooth side, or exfoliate with the rougher side. When kept out of the water when done with your shower and in a dry place, the soap lasts a month.

Honeysuckle and Violet Sugar Scrub: When I first opened this scrub and began to use it in the shower, I thought I had mistakenly opened a body butter (i.e. It did not look like the picture.) On top of the sugar, a thick and solid “cream” had formed. Since it was solid, but still pliable to the touch, I used this top solid cream wondering where the sugar was. The product would melt on my skin, forming a creamy and moisturizing lotion-like consistency. It was actually a good pre-shaving product! Then I realized the sugar had settled beneath it, and when I mixed the two together— WOW. The perfect amount of exfoliation and moisturization. I loved it! The sugar portion below the cream is solid as well, so you may want to use a spoon to really work it all together. Or just do what I did and apply some pressure to scoop with your fingers.

Definitely liked both products and loved the scent! Have you tried this vegan line of skin care?

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