Reviva Labs Seaweed Soap Review

You might be wondering what the heck is a seaweed soap and what does it have to do with my beauty routine? I know I was. Turns out seaweed makes an excellent natural exfoliant. This seaweed soap is made by Reviva Labs which means it’s cruelty-free, all natural, effective and inexpensive.

This is what Reviva Labs has to say about their seaweed soap:

Instead of animal tallow (sodium tallowate), common to most soaps, we feature a pure vegetable base of palm and coconut oils. Our Seaweed grains’ scrub action, which helps remove hidden impurities, has been a family favorite in shower or bath for many years. In Spain, Seaweed Soap is even used as part of one’s slimming or anti-cellulite routine. It stimulates circulation and helps discharge toxins. It’s a soap both men and women will love. Benefits: 100% vegetable base; added scrub action – great for use in an anti-cellulite program; no animal fats!  Outstanding news for those who prefer all natural beauty products. I’m not completely there yet, but am trying to move toward as many natural beauty products as I can these days. 

As I’ve gotten older I have a tendency to develop keratosis pilaris or “chicken skin” on the backs of my arms and legs so a good body scrub is not a luxury, but a necessity for me. I’ve reviewed TONS of scrubs, lotions and treatments. Reviva Labs seaweed soap is the most effective, most natural and cheapest product I’ve ever used! The soap itself has bits of seaweed embedded in it that exfoliate the body as you rub the soap on. It lathers really well and has a pleasant clean smell. The scent doesn’t linger so as not to interfere with your fragrance–it sure makes the bathroom smell good though! The most remarkable thing about the soap though is that it doesn’t strip your skin of moisture leaving it dry. It is formulated with a pure vegetable base of palm and coconut oils so your skin feels soft and hydrated when you step out of the shower and in fact, ALL day long!

The seaweed itself has some awesome properties in it as well. *Seaweed contains several beneficial minerals and vitamins that nourish the skin during the exfoliation process, leaving the skin healthy looking and toned. These include vitamins A1, B2, B6, B12, and minerals like potassium, calcium, iron and zinc. Seaweed soap also encourages blood circulation around the skin, resulting in a rejuvenated appearance.

For around $4 a bar, you too can have beautiful, soft supple skin without all the yucky chemicals! Reviva Labs products are sold at Whole Foods, online at and various health food stores.

I’ve been using it for the past two weeks and love the results!



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  1. Moxie

    I also love the seaweed soap that I tried from Reviva Labs. They have great products! Great Guest Post, Cindy! x

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