Rusk W8less Plus Hairspray Review

For most of us, a little thing like hairspray wouldn’t make us jump up and down with glee. But then, some of us were blessed with thick, shiny, bouncy hair. Not me. I have stick straight fine hair. Let me tell you, anything that can add volume to my stubbornly straight-as-a-sister-wife hair will have me cheering! Who would have thought a hairspray could get this reaction from a die-hard beauty addict?  Rusk W8less Plus Hairspray is a wish come true for this flathead.

Rusk W8less Plus Hairspray is not your typical hairspray. It contains Thermaplex, a unique combination of ingredients that activates with the heat of a blow-dryer to provide shine and control. You spray onto the roots of WET (okay towel-dried) hair if you want volume. Make sure your hair is still damp when you blow dry to get awesome poof! Spray on more after styling for extra hold. 

Here are more reasons why I love Rusk W8less Plus Hairspray:

  • Flexible hold- it does NOT feel tacky or crunchy. It leaves my hair feeling touchable
  • Makes my hair shiny
  • Has a very fine mist
  • Does not look I have hairspray plastered on
  • Doesn’t weigh my fine hair down
  • Very pleasant light scent

Some of the more recent hairsprays I’ve used are Not Your Mother’s She’s A Tease and Big and Sexy Hair Spray and Play. While both do provide hold, they are NOT light or flexible and make my hair feel gummy and sticky and there is NO way I could get a comb through it!

Bottom Line: I am delighted with Rusk W8less hairspray. It’s lightweight but still delivers the hold I need for my fine hair.


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