Bye Bye Blackheads by Joey New York Review

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Bye Bye Blackheads works.

I’ll be honest, I have tried every blackhead removal product I can imagine, all promising to rid me of that oil buildup, but none really delivering. I have had combination skin my whole life and due to past skin care mistakes in my teens (i.e. not washing my face before bed), the pores on my nose have become so large with blackheads. Can you relate?

When I have a chance to get a facial, that deep cleansing will usually do the trick. But I can’t afford a monthly facial and have to rely on beauty products to maintain those results in between facials. I’ve tried pore strips…and I am kind of addicted to them…but the strip doesn’t get every blackhead. I also have blackheads on my chin too, so those are often neglected. 

Bye Bye Blackheads by Joey New York works in 60 seconds. After washing your face, apply the gel to the areas you want to remove your blackheads. I prefer to use it after my shower, as the pores are opened from the steam and the blackheads are softened. Allow the gel 60 seconds to dry and then rub in a circular motion. As the gel-like masque is rubbed off, it takes the blackheads with it. The Salicylic Acid in the masque also helps to exfoliate.

It does have a bit of a medicinal scent to it, and of course the rubbing will cause your skin to be red in those areas, but when you see your skin clear of blackheads, you will rejoice my friends.

Since you can’t close your pores, naturally dirt and buildup will find their way back to where you removed it. The key is to wash your face day and night, use a moisturizer and serum daily and use Bye Bye Blackheads two to three times per week. I have even been able to wear liquid foundation again without being embarrassed by my blackheads.

Bye Bye Blackheads is $28 at Have you tried it?


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