Chiva-Som Signature Kiss Lip Balm Review

Just about everyone I know, both men and women, all have one beauty item in common and that is lip balm.  A lot of men may be hesitant to regard lip balm as a beauty item, but regardless they carry it around in their pockets anyway on a regular basis and most women seem to never ever be without lip balm in their purses, desk drawers, night stands, etc. and I am no exception.  For me, lip balm is a necessity and I love experimenting with different flavors, brands, scents and packaging because in this economy, it is one of the few beauty items that one can experiment with that won’t break the bank.

My latest amazing discovery is from Chiva-Som, as in the luxury health resort located in Thailand.  

The Chiva-Som Signature Kiss is a really luxurious lip balm that smells just absolutely divine and feels insanely nourishing on the lips.  The lip balm is 95% natural  and contains ingredients such as honey and shea butter for soft, smooth lips.  It comes in the cutest glass jar and, as aforementioned, has an amazing scent…Thai lemongrass to be exact.  Lately, with the temperature in Minnesota quickly falling, my lips have been drier than usual even with the proper intake of water.  After applying this lip balm just once in the morning I didn’t need to apply it to my lips again for quite a long time.  Its moisturizing properties are not only immediately noticeable, but long lasting as well.

I am absolutely madly in love with this lip balm. Whenever I apply it to my lips I feel indulgent, pampered and luxurious. What girl doesn’t need moments like those most, if not every day? This is definitely making it into my model bag!

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