Rae Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette Review

I have only just recently started incorporating eyeshadows into my makeup routine.  I’ll maybe use it once or twice a month unless I have a shoot and it’s being expertly applied to my eyelids by a professional.

The reason why I have shied away from eyeshadow until now is because I was always terrified of not blending correctly and looking rather clownish, plus the colors that I have tried in the past either had too much pigment or not enough and I didn’t feel like I had the skill set to apply them without looking overly made-up.

Recently, however I’ve been experimenting more with makeup and have gotten more confident in my skills…or rather the skills I have borrowed from the various amazing make-up artists I have had the pleasure of working with, and have started experimenting more with my eye makeup.  I now have a few favorite brands of eyeshadows, but I’m always looking to add a few more to the list of favorites.  

Lately, with hopes of adding a new eyeshadow palette to my slowly growing list of favorites, I had the opportunity to try Rae Green With Envy Eyeshadow Palette.

From what I saw on the Rae Cosmetics website, the eyeshadow colors were really pretty and soft.  They appeared to have the right amount of pigment for everyday, being that the pigments are inspired by those found in nature plus their cosmetics are supposed to be a micro-crushed blend of clinical-grade nutrients, antioxidants and non-chemical sunscreens nourish the skin and guard against dangerous sun rays, which for me was very appealing.

I ended up trying the Green With Envy Eyeshadow Palette, which contained three different shades of eyeshadow, Midnight Garden,  Mint Julep  and Midnight Mist.  The colors were very pretty in the palette, but once I applied them to my skin they just seemed to disappear altogether, leaving just shimmer behind.  I tried wetting my makeup brush, as suggested, to get a bit more pigment from the shadows, but the colors were still very sheer.  With a wet brush I got the most color from the Moonlit Mist shade…which ended up looking like gold dust.  I was really bummed that this palette did not work for me because there are so many positives about this line of cosmetics.  Maybe this palette would work on someone with a fairer skin tone, but sad to say it did absolutely nothing for mine.

Have you tried Rae Cosmetics?

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