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Cooler temperatures and fewer hours of sunlight can only mean one thing: your shower will become your new best friend. When it comes to skin care, of course.

Our skin gets drier in the winter months and being cooped up with less time outdoors usually means the winter blues. But you have a secret weapon–your shower and your body wash! Having a chance to review all 6 of Tone’s body washes reminded me how skin hydrating shower gels along with invigorating fragrances can not only nourish your skin, but your mind as well. 

Fruit Peel Body Wash with Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids: AHA’s are a vital part of a healthy skin care routine. This body wash is new from Tone and will gently wash away dull skin and stimulate skin renewal with its creamy texture and delicious scent.  The fruit? Apple, kiwi, orange and grapefruit. I love that this body wash contains citrus, not only for what it does for your skin, but citrus is known as the scent that will wake you up.

Moisturizing Cocoa Butter Body Wash with Mango Splash: Cocoa butter is renowned for its moisturizing properties and I don’t know about you, but when I am looking at a foot of snow outside, I daydream of being on a tropical island. The mango and papaya extracts will whisk your mind to a warmer climate with its fruity, sweet and exotic fragrance.

Daily Detox Purifying Body Wash with White Clay & Pink Jasmine: Thanks to our friend stress, our cells can fill up with toxins. Add in environmental pollutants and those impurities in our skin can build up.  The white clay formula exfoliates and removes dull, dry skin and those impurities for a healthy clean you can see and feel. The Pink Jasmine extract is the perfect floral complement that has a freshly washed hair scent to me. It’s pretty and makes you want to keep smelling your skin!

Soothing Body Wash with Oatmeal and Shea Butter: Nothing says moisture replenishment like shea butter. If your dry and cracking skin is now red or inflammed, oatmeal is the perfect anti-inflammatory. To explain the scent to this body wash is difficult, as it is a little bit of a milky almond scent mixed with a very slight citrus undertone to it. It is definitely soothing.

Vino Moisture Body Wash with Crushed Grape and Shea Butter: Ahh the amazing antioxidant power of grapes! What a perfect combination with shea butter for the ultimate intoxicating and moisturizing body wash. Such a delicious scent and creamy lather will have you giving it a try as a bubble bath!

Hydrating 7 Botanicals Body Wash with Tahitian Vanilla & Orchid: This is another tropical scent with the warmth of vanilla.  This is more of a sensual fragrance. Hydration comes from ingredients like aloe, sweet almond, soybean, mallow, jojoba, and sugar cane. Healthy looking skin is sexy after all.

Have you tried any of these body washes from Tone? (Find them on Facebook.)

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