Ciate Sequin Manicure Kit Review

If you are looking for an impressive looking nail look to wear to your holiday event, you may want to check out Ciate’s Sequin Manicure Kit. Affordably priced at $15, your nails will draw attention…maybe even more so than your dress.

I had the opportunity to try out Ciate’s Black & Gold Sequin Manicure. The kit looks simple enough with a bottle of sequins, a clear base coat for them to adhere to, a small brush to swipe away the excess and a plastic tray for the sequins. Expect that this manicure will take about 40 minutes from start to finish. 

Step 1: Pour about a quarter of the bottle of sequins into the plastic tray.

Step 2: After cleaning up your nails and filing them to shape, apply the “sequin grip” polish, which is essentially a clear base coat. You need to do this one finger at a time so that the clear coat doesn’t dry before you can even get the sequins on.

Step 2: Press your nail face down into the sequins.

Step 3: Use the brush to sweep away sequins from the sides of your nails and also use a finger to press the sequins into the shape on your nail.

Step 4: after doing this for each finger individually, then apply another coat of Glitter Grip over the sequins.

Step 5: Allow setting and drying for 25 minutes.

I couldn’t really get the sequins to cover every inch of my nail, so some of it was exposed as you can see from the image. It did feel a bit strange to not have a smooth surface on the top of my nail (the sequins are chunky) and yes, the sequins kept snagging on my blankets while sleeping, but if meant to be worn for a holiday party, it will do just fine.

This sequin manicure lasts about 3 days, despite some of the sequins coming off in my sleep. It looks pretty cool and I received a lot of compliments on it. It was easy to use as well.

It’s available at Have you tried it?

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  1. Lisa

    I would not recommend wasting money on this product. The glitter does not stay adhered. I bought glitter from the dollar store and used a L’Oreal base coat. It worked phenomenal. It only cost me $5.00 as opposed to $19. My advice. Save your money for something better. Lisa

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