COVERGIRL Cat Eye Tutorial and Coupon

The cat eye is a huge eyeliner trend this season, but it is one I have been wearing for years due to how it widens my eye. As I’m getting older, my lids are beginning to have more skin sagging in the crease area, so to keep the focus on my hazel eyes and not on the flaw of my aging skin, I use the cat eye as my makeup trick.

For this tutorial I’m using COVERGIRL’s LiquilineBlast Eyeliner in Black Fire, Smokey ShadowBlast in Onyx Smoke and LashBlast Volume Mascara in Very Black. 

Step 1: Prep your lids with a concealer. Since the base color of Smokey Shadow Blast is a pearl color, you’ll want to make sure your skin tone is evened out.

Step 2: Apply the Step 1 side of the Onyx Smoke Smokey ShadowBlast to your entire lid, up to your brow bone. I also used it at the inner corner of my eye and along my lower lid.

Step 3: Use your pinky finger to blend and even out the color.

Step 4: Apply the Step 2 side of Onyx Smoke to your crease, the outer corner of your top lid and then lightly swipe on our lower lid.

Step 5: Blend using your pinky finger.

Step 6:  As close as you can to your lash line, apply Liquiline Blast thinly beginning at the inner corner and then wing it out upwards once your lash line ends. Go farther than you normally would. Then retrace backwards creating a thicker wing, but only lining back to the halfway point on your lid.

Step 7: Clean up the eyeshadow that shows under the cat eye winged area so that your shadow ends where the line for the wing begins.

Step 8: Apply three coats of LashBlast Volume Mascara, allowing each coat to semi-dry in between applications. Don’t forget to get every lash, from those tiny inner corner lashes, to the outer corner by the wing of the eyeliner.

Voila! You now have a smokey cat eye. Don’t be afraid of the white/black eyeshadow combination. I was worried I might look dark and gloomy…maybe even a little goth, but that was not the case at all! It really looked chic and sexy.

Get $3 off TWO CoverGirl products or a FREE Cat Eye Look, when you spend $69 at P&G eStore with the following products included: LiquilineBlast Eyeliner – Black Fire; Smokey ShadowBlast – Onyx Smoke; LashBlast Volume Mascara – Very Black.

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How do you rock your cat eye look?

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