DIY Acne Treatments

If you are someone who suffers from acne, clear skin can feel a bit like a myth. There are several factors that control acne, however, and by learning a little more about them, you can help prevent acne and help the acne that you have clear up more quickly. Check out some of these tips for staying on top of your skin care.

Skip the Soap
It seems counter-intuitive, but the truth of the matter is that soap dries out your skin. Acne worsens when skin is dry, as it leaves the skin more prone to cracks and thus to bacterial infections. In the morning, simply splash water on your face and go from there. Though your face might feel a bit oily for a few days, it will normalize in a surprisingly short amount of time. Leave the soap for the rest of your body and wash your face with water instead. 

Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is cleansing and astringent, and you’ll find that it is a great choice when you are trying to heal up acne sores. Start by dabbing just a small amount on a Q-tip and tapping it against the acne-affected areas. Do not use too much, as tea tree oil can dehydrate your skin as well, but a very small amount can help you heal much more quickly and much more effectively.

Not only is honey delicious, you’ll find that it also has some great antibacterial properties. Simply dab a small amount of honey onto your face, let it sit for a few minutes and then wash it off. Do this twice a day, and you’ll find that your acne improves immensely.

Vinegar is another folk remedy for acne, and it acts as a cleanser very well. You can use nearly any kind of vinegar for this process, but the two that are the most common include apple cider vinegar and white vinegar. As with the honey, dab it on your face twice a day and then rinse it off. It is simple, it is cheap and when you are diligent about it, it can be quite effective.

One of the things that makes acne so hard to deal with is that it is both red and inflamed. When you are thinking about how to reduce both of these features, consider trying ice. Wrap an ice cube in a thin wash cloth and hold it to your skin. This is a good way to reduce redness and to bring down the inflammation very quickly.

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