Halle Berry Closer Perfume Review

Just this last September, Halle Berry launched her fifth fragrance, Closer. Closer was developed by perfumer Jacques Cavallier; the notes include raspberry, water lily, ozone, fougère accord, violet, mimosa, cedar, vanilla bean, mahogany and cashmere musk.

From Coty:  Closer “is a rare blend of feminine and masculine notes, creating an intriguing scent that is as alluring for men as it is for women.” 

What Halle has to say: “Scent is very closely linked with desire and attraction and I love the idea that a fragrance can bring a man and a woman together. Closer creates a new level of intimacy through the power of scent.”  

I certainly can not see any man I know wearing this fragrance. I will say however, I can detest the woody notes in this scent and it reminds me a tad bit of the original Men’s version of Cool Water by Davidoff.  I loved that scent on my ex-husband so much that he would douse himself before bedtime hoping to get lucky. Too bad the juice couldn’t take the stank off his character as well.

The opening of Closer is decidedly light and feminine and may come on too strong for some at first spray. Fear not, as time goes by the deeper notes rise to the top and come out to play resulting in a modern, sexy and versatile fragrance. There is something alluring and intriguing about this scent. It’s not my favorite but I do enjoy wearing it and it does make me feel sexy. One thing I really appreciate about Closer is that is lasts a long time–it doesn’t fade away like some cheaper celebrity scents.

The packaging design is both classic and modern.  The lines on the bottle are designed to mimic the contours of the male and female body. This shape of the bottle is an elegant prism to represent the play of opposites. Get it?–curvy lines and hard lines. It’s one of the nicer bottles I’ve seen from celebrity fragrances and gives an all-round more expensive feel than say a purple cat a la Katy Perry.

If you like woody fragrances and something a little more sophisticated then the barrage of too sweet we usually get from celebrities, then Closer may be for you!

Available in a 15 and 30 ml Eau de Parfum, along with 75 ml natural deodorant spray.

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