Prive Leave-In Conditioning Treatment For Soft Shiny Hair!

Privé Formule Aux Herbes is a luxurious leave-in hair conditioner. I kid you not, it has been probably 15 years since I’ve used a leave-in conditioner so I was hesitant to try this. So hesitant that I let it sit on my bathroom counter for a few weeks. I finally forced myself to open the bottle and I’m glad I did. 

When I had curly hair leave-ins were great but since my hair has been straight,they just weigh my fine hair down–or so I thought. Privé leave-in treatment is a joy to use. First it smells fabulous–very light and botanical. It is made with 24 herbs so that’s why I suppose. It’s also enriched with some unusual ingredients like comfrey, an herb used to treat wounds and reduce inflamation and kelp. The blend restores hair’s vitality while delivering ultimate conditioning and protection. It softens, smoothes and detangles (SO important for fine hair) to help control frizz and flyaways. And I have plenty of flyaways. You see I have these annoying grey hairs that stick up in my part and no amount of hairspray can tame them. Privé calmed my flyaways and still left my hair with bounce and shine! Not only that but I have to say I thought Argan Oil was the only thing that could make my hair so soft–wrong again! Privé leave-in treatment leaves my hair feeling like silk but still able to hold a curl. When you live with my fine hair–that is a miracle indeed.

After shampooing, work a tiny bit into damp hair; I used less than a dime-size drop. For someone with thick or curly hair I would think this treatment conditioner would work even better!

Bottom Line: the best conditioner I used in a very long time and definitely worth a try! It’s great to know that Privé leave-in is safe for my color-treated hair too.

Privé Formule Aux Herbes is available in elite salons and spas.

This Holiday season Privé is offering  four different value sets with amazing discounts and a free gift too!

  • The Just Beautiful Hair Trio includes one Daily Shampoo and Daily Conditioner, and comes with a complimentary Thermal Protection Detangling Spray in a red organza gift bag. This gift set is perfect for those who are looking for an everyday gentle shampoo and conditioner. The Thermal Protection Detangling Spray is an essential for women who dry their hair or use heat tools regularly. Suggested retail price: $38.00, retail value: $61.00, saving: $23.00.
  • The Repair and Shine Trio includes one Repairative Shampoo and Repairative Conditioner and comes with a complimentary Flash Brilliance Spray in a green organza gift bag. This is a great gift for someone with dry hair who wants more moisture and extra shine. Suggested retail price: $50.00, retail price: $72.00, saving: $22.00.
  • The Body Beautiful Trio includes one Amplifying Shampoo and Shining Weightless Amplifier and comes with a complimentary Root Amplifier in a silver organza gift bag. This trio is ideal for those with finer, limp hair who want to add more body and thickness to their hair. Suggested retail price: $47.00, retail value: $67.00, saving: $20.00.
  • The Concept Vert Set includes one Concept Vert Rejuvenating Shampoo and one Concept Vert Rejuvenating Conditioner, and comes with a complimentary Concept Vert Volumizing Froth in a gorgeous holiday box. This is the perfect gift for an eco-friendly beauty lover. Suggested retail price: $58.00, retail value: $82.00, saving: $24.00.

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