Rita Hazan Root Concealer Review. Is It Magic?

Have you ever thought you were cruising along just fine, holding your own in the aging department?

Then one day your unsuspecting self looks in the mirror and you wonder who’s staring back at you. Who’s that old lady with the grey hair and how did the b*tch did take over my face? And who the hell put that grey wig on me? A few tugs on the “wig” and you I realize it’s  MY own hair and I’VE turned grey overnight (or so it seems). After some tears and a few naughty words, I decide to thwart Father Time.  I’m not going down without a fight!! 

My weapon of choice? Rita Hazan Root Concealer.  Rita Hazan is the hair colorist to the stars and has created a spray on hair color when applied to the roots of your hair,  extends the time between salon visits. She. Is. A. Genius. The Rita Hazan Root Concealer Temporary Color Touch Up Spray ($24) is an award winning fix to any unsightly root growth and seamlessly covers gray. It’s easy to use and effective!

I really had my doubts about this product, but I was very pleasantly surprised! I’m such a klutz, so I was sure I would end up with blonde streaks across my forehead, but here’s the great thing–the pinpoint nozzle zeros in where you need it and there is no over spray! I was able to spray EXACTLY at the root line and not have the product go anywhere else. You DO need to spray about 6 inches from the hairline and use a sweeping motion, but heck, even I can do that!  The texture feels a little like a dry shampoo once it’s in your hair so that shouldn’t bother most people.

What I love about it:

  • the aforementioned accuracy of the nozzle
  • it literally takes seconds to do your roots–and trust me mine were about an inch long!
  • it is water resistant–it does not melt or run
  • the color lasts until you wash it out. I have gone two days without the color fading or flaking

There are five shades available:

  • Dark Brown/Black-covers the darkest shades including ebony, raven and deep-dark espresso
  • Light Brown – covers the lighter brown shades including chocolate, chestnut, amber and sable
  • Red – covers all the basic red tones including auburn, copper, strawberry, bronze and ginger
  • Blonde – covers a full range including honey, golden blonde, beige, champagne, and sandy shades
  • Dark Blonde – covers roots for honey blondes, darker blondes, ash blondes and caramel

I was really unsure which shade I should try–blonde or dark blonde since my roots were dark but my hair was much lighter. The regular blonde shade turned out to be a great choice as it matched by base shade perfectly!

Bottom Line: a magical product that extends the time between salon visits thereby saving you money. The $24 price tag is SO  totally worth it. And please don’t wait as long to visit the salon as I did.  Thank you Rita Hazan for making me presentable again!

Rita Hazan’s Root Concealer Temporary Color Touch Up Spray does not contain alcohol, ammonia, peroxide, parabens or hair color. No worries if you have had a keratin or straightening treatment either–it does not effective them.  I TOLD you it was magic!

Available at Rita Hazan Salon in NY, Sephora stores nationwide and Sephora.com.

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