skinactives TCA Spot Peel Kit Review

I used to thoroughly enjoy getting facials. More than any other spa treatment, my love of facials bordered on addiction.  Not only were they relaxing, but I loved knowing that my skin had been deep cleaned. This was until the last facial that I got, which left me with a pea sized scab on my face which later turned into a prominent scar thanks to some very aggressive extraction.

For someone who does not like to wear any kind of cover-up from foundation, powder to concealer, having a very visible scar on my face was more than mildly irritating.  I was contemplating getting a series of microdermabrasion or peels to see if they would help to fade the scar, but was not too excited about the cost of either service.  Thankfully I was given the opportunity to try the TCA Spot Peel Kit from skinactives.  I say thankfully because the kit is only $60 and it was something I was able to do myself. 

The kit comes with applicators, a small jar of Restoration Cream and the active solution, which is trichloroacetic acid.  According to the directions I first applied the active ingredient to the spot, then once my skin began frosting (whitening of the skin) I applied the restoration cream; easy enough! I have to admit almost immediately after applying the active solution to my skin, it started to burn and felt irritated, but I managed to leave the solution on my skin until it began to frost, then I immediately applied the Restoration Cream which really helped with the irritated feeling.

After about three days after I used the kit, my skin began to peel.  It was weird having dry, flaky skin for a few days, but I knew that the peeling and flaking were normal.  I made sure to use the Restoration Cream during the healing process as instructed and also made sure I used sunscreen regularly.  About ten days after using the kit I did notice a difference in the appearance of the scar on my face,  It was definitely not as prominent, but the difference was not as drastic as I was hoping it would be so I decided to wait for about a month and then I used the kit again on the scar.  The scar has now all but vanished!  It is barely noticeable and I am ecstatic with how well the skinactives TCA Spot Peel Kit worked.

I would say if you plan on using this kit, make sure you do a test patch first (not on your face) and also be prepared to feel some burning while the solution is on your skin.  Follow the instructions very closely and make sure you use sunscreen!

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