Why Try Professional Teeth Whitening?

With party season kicking in, it’s an optimum time for quick-fix beauty treatments. Celebrities and people alike swear by regular teeth whitening as it promotes a youthful, healthy smile.

Most of us know the causes of stained teeth – most of our daily pleasures! Tobacco is one of the worst offenders and there’s no getting away from it. Coffee, tea, and soda are culprits as well. Other possible culprits include fruit juices (especially grape), red wine, fruits such as blueberries, soy sauce and curry. Think of it this way: if a food or beverage can leave permanent stains on clothes or carpets, it can probably taint your teeth. Aging also contributes to the yellowing of teeth. The enamel, which is the hard outer coating of your teeth, wears thin, allowing the underlying layer of yellowish dentin to show through. 

Last year, Britons spent £76 million on whitening toothpastes alone. And while many people have their teeth professionally whitened by a dentist, others can’t afford it and instead opt for treatment in a beauty salon, or resort to DIY treatments. Whitening agents are present in so many every day potions and products – in your mouth wash, toothpaste, floss, pens and all manner of home kits. So what is so different about a professional dental treatment?

Dental expertise is vital firstly in checking patient suitability and any underlying health issues, but also to ensure a superior, safe and long-lasting treatment – up to three years. Fully qualified practitioners should carry out the treatment in registered premises, where consultations and aftercare can also take place.
A typical dental treatment uses the very latest laser whitening system on the market today.

Following your consultation, you will receive three ten-minute treatments using professional whitening gel with an LED lamp to aid the process. A fully-trained and qualified dentist will carry out the treatment. A gingival barrier will protect your gums and after ten minutes the peroxide is removed and applied again. After three sessions, all gel is removed and mouth rinsed.

Make Yourself Amazing (MYA), a UK based cosmetic firm says teeth whitening is now one of the most popular treatments they offer and in recent years demand has consistently risen. Their popularity has been aided through their exposure on TV programs such as the X-Factor and The Only Way Is Essex. MYA also offer other cosmetic treatments soon as liposuction, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation.

Your Questions Answered:

Who is not suitable?
Most people are suitable, but broken fillings, tooth decay or erosion or any exposed root surfaces due to periodontal disease may affect you having treatment. Teeth whitening is not carried out on pregnant women, those who are breastfeeding or anyone under 18.

Do I need to do anything in preparation?
If you regularly visit the dentist and do not need any restorative periodontal treatment, there should be no reason why you cannot have teeth whitening.

What if I have crowns/veneers?
We can only remove surface stains from crowns or veneers. Natural teeth whiten more easily. Your dentist should monitor you throughout the treatment to ensure your teeth are whitened to an even shade.

Is it painful?
Patients with sensitive teeth may experience some temporary discomfort which will last a maximum of 48 hours.

Will my teeth become more sensitive afterwards?
Most people have no problem at all; some patients may experience some sensitivity during or after the treatment. This is temporary and will not last more than 24-48 hours.

What can I eat afterwards?
Full aftercare will be given, including advice on what foods to avoid for the next 24-48 hours. Smoking must be avoided for 24-48 hours.

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